5 Most Fashionable Departments In OAU

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In the current era, fashion has almost become as important as education. Walking through several departments in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife would make you realize that there are some departments that are quite fashionable. The moment you step on OAU campus, you tend to find students of different dressing senses, colour combination that are so adorable. In fact, a glance at them would make you have a multiple stare/look due to the attraction at first sight.

Here, we pick out some most fashionable departments in Obafemi Awolowo University in no particular order:

. Computer Science: this is a department in the Faculty of Technology. Students of this department are known for their smart wears and their adorable fashion sense. You definitely wouldn’t go around OAU computer centre, opposite OAU museum/faculty of pharmacy, where the department of Computer sciences is located, and you won’t need to have a glance at how student of this department are dressed. It is believed that students of this department are always rich guys and ladies who are into money making businesses such as Cryptocurrency, Trading, Programming, etc. Therefore, they have enough to get good wears for themselves.


. English: Having to talk about fashionable departments in Obafemi Awolowo University would not exempt the mentioning of English department. This department has turned out to be the largest in the Faculty of Arts (Humanities block) over the years which is located around the senate building, adjacent OAU library. English department is capitally known to encompass beautiful and handsome students who aren’t just resplendent but also have good fashion senses. When you see a group of English department students going for classes, you would be forced to have a look at the method of combo and the creativity with it.

. Law: -The Black and White geng! There is almost no way you would see a law student or a group of law students going, on campus and you won’t know that they are from the faculty of law unless there is a reason for other choice of wears. But on a norm, you would always see them together in their black and white. This department is located between the Faculty of Administration and Faculty of Social sciences. When you see them having an event organised by the faculty also, you would see the Law students in their colours massively.

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. Medical Rehabilitation: This is a department in the clinical sciences, in the College of Health Sciences. These ones are even known to be more fashionable than the medicine and surgery students. When you see an OAU med rehab student, you tend to be forced to make have a look at all that the student puts on, from the footwear to the body wear and head wear. The way they exhibit their colour combo, show off their fashion senses, walk majestically are things people find adorable about students of medical rehabilitation.

. Economics: This is one of the department that served as one of the foundation department of the university. This department has grown to be the largest in the faculty of social sciences. Students of the department of Economics are known for their high sense of dressing, their mode of cooperation in term of fashion and all. There are rumours of envying the fashion methods of economics students. They tend to outsmart the other departments in the faculty of social sciences when it comes to fashion.

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Do you think there is a department that should make this list? Drop them in the comment section below.

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