How to Calculate Your O.A.U. Aggregate Score

Bearing in mind that the next Post UTME exercise for O.A.U. would be coming up within the dates of February 27th and March 6th, 2021, there is the need to know how the aggregate score is usually calculated, to help students know how well to prepare.

First, you should note that the general cutoff mark for O.A.U. this session is 200, that of various departments is however different.

The system employed by the school for the calculation of aggregate score is 50:40:10.
50% for JAMB, 40% for Post UTME and 10% for O’level.

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See the steps to calculating it below:

A. Divide your JAMB Score (out of 400) by 8

B. 10 marks for each subject in your post UTME sums up to 40

C. Grade your O’level result over 10:
A1 – 2.0 points
B2 – 1.8 points
B3 – 1.6 points
C4 – 1.4 points
C5 – 1.2 points
C6 – 1.0 points

D. Add the result gotten in steps A, B & C above.

E. The result you get is your aggregate score.

For instance:
A candidate who scored 300 in JAMB, 28 in his post UTME, 2 A1s, 1 B2 and 2 B3s in his O’level. His aggregate score will be as calculated below.

A. JAMB Score 300/8 = 37.5

B. Post UTME = 28

C. O’level = 2 + 2 + 1.8 + 1.6 + 1.6 = 9

D. His aggregate score is therefore = 74.5

Note: The departmental cutoff mark for O.A.U. would be announced once the post UTME exam has been written and the results have been released.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates regarding that.

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