Five (5) Things Common To All OAU Students.

You’d come across an OAU Student and they’d do something and you’d be like ahahah someone did exactly what you just did sometimes ago. And, if you are an OAU Student you could just let it pass under the guise “naso we or them dey do”

That explains the theory that Obafemi Awolowo University is not just a University but a community of integrated students with similar traits and like minds.
The degree to which they exhibit these traits is only what varies .
The following are the 5 things common to all OAU Students.

1. Aro:

Officially on the number 1 spot because it has become an inevitable tradition and a norm that seems legislated to be done by the majority of the students. Aro is the typical term for teasing or playing pranks on someone. Despite being “a must-do” for occupants in Awolowo Hall, it is also being done in bits by other students to tease their colleagues, especially on their academic prowess.


There’s no way you can escape Aro because it is the only retaliative form to get back to the person doing Aro for you. Like Moses law, it is “Aro for Aro”. There is no escape.
One of the ways of doing aro is by calling someone “Shana”, “Igi iwe”, “iwe factorial” among many others.

2. Proud Great Ifes:

Another thing similar to all OAU students is the enthusiasm they hold for the University.
Some might find this debatable. But before you start going “I hope I was able to convince and not confuse you” debating spree, have you beenn to places where OAU students are gathered singing their national anthem? If yes, awesome right? Exactly. The enthusiasm is always second to known. They sing with so much passion and vigor that you cannot help but join them so sing along.

The aura that radiates during the University’s anthem sing-along is always one of pure enthusiasm and pride.
It is no longer news that as an OAU Student, it already a laid down rule for the anthem to be recited at one’s wedding ceremony. That’s how much pride OAU students give to their prestigious institution.

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3. All Students of SEROO1:

All OAU Students are bound by one course which is the inevitable SEROO1. Everyone has their own fair share of the course and that’s because it is the sole course that’s required that’s needed to be passed for one to be distinguished as an OAU graduate.

4. They are all Shanas:

Almost all OAU Students are smart creatives. Even though the word “Shana” has been streamlined to only bookworms, there other spheres of life in which OAU students exploit and excel marvelously. They are embedded with the unyielding traits of wanting to survive amidst all struggles with their desired passion. If it being bookish, they do it flawlessly. Music or Entertainment, they do it graciously. If it is business, they make it so lucrative among many other things.

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5. Athletic Students:

Not that they all practice sports or engage it but because they are made to be athletic without having to wear sneakers and getting involved in track and field events. They are made athletic because of the proximity of lecture theaters. As an OAU Student one is expected to be able to run to lecture rooms. Another factor that makes OAU students athletic is the climbing of stairs. You can barely go anywhere without climbing stairs. At least 100 steps per day. If you want to be fit or maintain a good body physique just attend OAU.

These are the few things common to all OAU students.


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