Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the norms around the world has changed. This new norms is helping us to keep the pandemic in check and manage its havoc. Firms, governments, organizations now hold meetings virtually via zoom, Skype etc. However, the educational sector is not left out as this new way of life also affects the educational process and virtual means has been incorporated. Schools now engage in online classes to avoid the further spread of this deadly disease. Don’t let me bore you with the COVID-19 pandemic since it’s an headache to all.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife will resume her academic activities on February 8th, 2021. Majority of the student populace are fretting about the well being of their CGPA …LOL. Fear not, this article is meant to show you ways of utilizing the virtual class to your own good and at the same time help you in getting your CGPA back on track. The following tips will help you utilize the virtual class well;

1. Don’t stay at home! This can’t be overemphasized. Staying at home is of no good, there are lot of things that will disturb your learning process. Read more about thisWHY YOU SHOULDN’T STAY AT HOME FOR THE ONLINE CLASS

2. Get yourself a reading partner/group. Physical class can’t really support group reading as most students get tired easily after the day’s work. Virtual class will help in reducing physical and mental stress. Hence, giving you time and energy to engage in discussions and group reading that’ll help in broadening your knowledge about school’s work.

3. Attempt assignments and projects yourself. Over time, students are fond of contracting assignments (works of procrastination) and projects to other students, mostly because they don’t have time as they’re engaged in other activities. However, virtual learning would give you freedom and luxury of time. Attempting assignments and projects yourself will make you understand the lecturer’s style of assessing students, hence you work on that!
Also, no man is an island. After attempting the assignments, meet with the shanas of your department and discuss further on the assignments. Thank God time is on your side.

4. Have a personal study plan. In addition to your reading groups, a personal study time will go a long way in making you a better student and also you’ll cover most of the syllabus. Students find it hard to read during the physical classes days, as stress is a general disease on OAU campus, amongst the students. Virtual class will reduce this stress and give you time to study well.

5. Study past questions. Studying past questions makes academic excellence a lot more easier. You have an insight on what is and what’s not of the course.

These few tips should help you get through this virtual classes. If you think there’s anything missing in the tips above, drop your opinion in the comment section below .

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