20+ stages all OAU students go through

Being a Great Ife comes with it’s own flex,you are in Africa’s most beautiful campus,you sabi Aluta,your school ranks well in best university ranking,your family and friends respect you,you be Shana and you still fine join,spec.

But have you ever wondered how you managed to pull some things off or you haven’t even given it a thought,either ways it proves you are smart.

I will be taking you guys through some of the shits you have successfully gone through as students in Ogbafemi,if you didn’t go through half of the things on this list,go and recheck your status on the school portal,there should be a mixup somewhere!

When you pick OAU in JAMB

Oau list
God,please I must make this OAU…By thunder by fire🤲🏾

When you pass JAMB with a little over 200

When OAU finally gives you admission

You on Eve of resumption

When this night go finish bayi🤭

When you are resuming OAU and you are seeing fine fine buildings

And na this same Nigeria this one too dey🥰

During Fresher registration(faculty,departmental,MSSN/GLOGSFE,health center etc registration.


I can’t take this anymore😩

Classes haven’t commenced and you have started doing overnights and tutorials,you have visited Oluwasanmi countless times

Iwe ogba,5.0 candidate😌

You: I am definitely graduating with first class from this OAU,I am my school’s best student ever,I am my family’s MVP,I won an international quiz competition,I am the one to break this department’s record,blah blah blah!!!


Gentlemen shall we👺?

After first semester examinations

Intense dangerous thoughts😕

When you return home for holidays in your OAU branded T shirt

Put some respeck on my name mehn😎(hmm,his portal is burning o)

When you see your portal after Part one examinations

Ahh,this thing no be shere shere o🥺

You the stale stalite

Cheers to my fellow class stabbers

Awo boys doing their Aro

Broda towo skirt kilen wa ni room wa🥴

You doing Aluta

Of the Greatest gba gba😠

When you as an Awo guy use Crocs and hoodie to snatch a Moz queen from an Angola guy

Ko easy mehn😎

The Angola guy’s response to you snatching his Anglomoz bae

You sef go tush yourself up😏

When you are one Mark shy of a Grade

This is unfair🥶

Exam time…


Your timetable: Monday: IRS206(9am) SSC(3pm)… Tuesday: Soc… Wednesday: ECN,Thursday:CHM(9am),PHY(4PM)… Friday:MTH


OAU,kuku kill me na😫

Your geng escorting the Shana in ur midst to the Exam hall

Protect him,he is King🤡

You seeing first ‘A’on your portal

Omo,I will screenshot,frame and hang this result🤩

OAU: Go to special electives class or go to prison


We die here😈

You when you realise you have just 3 semesters to your Graduation

How will I graduate with 2 1 bayi,it’s high time I take my portal serious🤔

When you finally Graduate

I finally made it🙈(Moremi brother,with which grade o🥴)

You at a Great Ife wedding or alumni meeting

Random OAU hoodlums:

Great Ife Great Ife Africa’s most beautiful campus… Of the Greatest Gba gba🤡

So we have come to the end of this edition’s list,feel free to drop which you think should make the list or not,your proposal will be addressed in the next edition. Till then,have a nice day Of the Greatest hoodlums😏

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