IOI unveils a new initiative tagged “ IOI LOST AND FOUND and found platform

Inside OAU Innovations has continued to live up to its status as the best media plug of the students through different innovative services that are being enjoyed by the students.

Inside OAU Innovations fulfilling its promise to show OAU in 3D to the OAU students has decided to launch a new platform called, IOI LOST AND FOUND.

As disclosed by the brand’s CEO, Fawole Tomi, this platform will be available on the Inside OAU Innovations blog.

Furthermore, this platform would be a place for students to find any of their lost items within the OAU community. Also, students can also help their fellow students recover their lost items by uploading the picture of the lost items along with the details on the IOI LOST AND FOUND platform.

This platform promises to be legit and to deliver lost items appropriately to the rightful owner given the owner provides a correct information to proof he/she truly owns the items.

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