We must have all heard some interesting/damning reports/stories about the Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile Ife at some points in our pre-University life to have gotten interested in the institution and to the extent of even picking it in JAMB.

From it being the most beautiful African campus to it’s Aluta spirit,from it’s special Shana breeds to it’s beautiful Aro culture and all in between,Ogbafemi has never run out of ways to endear aspirants even after strong warnings from first hand witnesses of the school’s strong hands.

These information could have been gotten from story teller brothers,sisters,aunts and uncles,from a proud neighbour,friend or even the internet but there is always this truth,not all these people or set of people have attended OAU(like me now,I first learnt about OAU from an uncle who never attended OAU).

You will wonder how these people know this much but don’t worry,I will let you know in case you also want to join this set of OAU Praise singers;

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1. Watch Citation

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Just watch this movie with an OAU student and you will know half the whole of OAU

The 2020 movie ‘Citation’ mainly shot in OAU should be your first step to being a quasi-Great Ife,at least you have known most of the major landmarks in the school.

2. Wear Hoodies and Crocs

Till today,Google has not gotten the chemistry between OAU guys and hoodie+crocs

You have to buy at least a pair of crocs and a hoodie,preferably a OAU logo emblazoned one and try to make people know that that is the traditional Guy dressing in Ogbafemi.

3. Live in Ife

Me telling you to live in Ife doesn’t mean you should be living in Ife city or Edun Abon and you telling me you are living in campus area o

There is no set of people feeling more entitled to owning OAU than Ife Indigenes or people staying in its environs. Even those that did not attend the University will tell you everything you need to know about the school.

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4. Always introduce yourself as a Great Ife

Quick quick,dont let them ask you

Don’t make people ask you before you let them know you are a Great Ife. With this you have set the right foot forward in the convo to follow. Whether you are just a Predite or a student of an affiliated College of Education like ACE Ondo doesn’t matter as long as you are already fully loaded with necessary information. BONUS: Have a good story to tell de

5. Follow anything Great Ife or OAU on twitter

You should follow this type of account

Once you follow any of this kind of account,just know the whole battalion of OAU Twitter community will come for your account. Don’t be afraid though,with a good exposure and rapport with the OAU twitter community,you are sure to know a great deal of happenings within the school which is a plus for your scheme.

6. Know the Great Ife anthem

You don blow with this… BONUS:Attend weddings of alumni and prove the hoodlum in you with the anthem

A strong indicator that OAU has entered you is the anthem,learn it passionately for days you will need it.

7. Know the nooks and crannies of Ogbafemi

This is the real deal

You must know every corner of the school,with this you will be able to provide a good layout of the school and tell a good story when called upon,it doesn’t matter if it is a lie though. BONUS: Know popular joints on Campus.

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8: You must have squat in a school hostel before

No one tells OAU stories better than squatters

You can’t pass for a quasi-Great Ife without this,so carry your 6′ inch bed and off you go to Awo hall to find some Aro observers to squat with. You squat at your own double risk though.

9. Follow Inside OAU Innovations on;

Twitter: @insideoauMedia

Facebook: Inside OAU Media

Instagram: insideoaumedia

You will be seemlessly updated on everything happening inside OAU,you see it’s a lifetime chance for you to actualise your dream of being an ‘Un-OAU Great Ife’.

10. Revisit this piece every two weeks

Revision is key

You know revision is key in all you do,so as you practise all above,try to fall back to this article so that you won’t go off track at some point.

May God be with you!!

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