OAU Twitter Influencer @Ayamdammie

Meet Mr. Adebowale Damilola an OAU undergraduate and a popular Twitter influencer

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Adebowale Damilola

Mr.Adebowale Damilola (@AyamDamiee) an OAU undergraduate and a popular Twitter influencer 
in an exclusive interview with TrybeCity got us through on his life experiences and also on how he has been able to cope under the storms of being a President of a department in OAU, A Digital Marketer, A lover of God as well as being a fun maestro. Mr. Damilola also kept us abreast about his reservation on the newly introduced academic system in the Obafemi Awolowo University.

Adebowale Damilola

Interviewer: Can we meet you?
Giving us a brief of your background.

Mr. Dammy: I’m Adebowale Damilola, a final year student of International Relations, Obafemi Awolowo University. I’m from Osun State and also the first child in a family of Seven.


Interviewer: Nice. What would say is your earliest memory as a child?

Mr. Dammy: I have too many memories from my childhood but there’s one moment that has failed to erase itself from my memory totally, it was when I saw military men from afar, and just because of the war movies I have seen… I thought they want to kill me or something.

I had to hide under a parked vehicle, I was there even after they left. I was there for over 2hours and made my parents worried.

Interviewer: Talking about parents, how would you describe your parents. What were they like? What did they do?

Mr. Dammy: My parents were and still are the biggest influence in my life. They are the kind of parent I want to become with some minor changes though.
The books and events my father made me read and attend as a growing child shaped my mindset today. And he was deliberate about it.
The life lessons and advice my mum gave me as a child shaped my thoughts also. They are devoted Christians and its impossible for any of their child not to be a believer, they made it happen.

They have done a lot, It will take hundreds of interviews for me to fully express how awesome they are.

Adebowale Damilola | Inside OAU Media

Interviewer: Nothing is better than having great parents.
What family or cultural celebrations, traditions, were important in your life?

Mr. Dammy: Christmas and New Year is important in my family. Wherever you are… You must be at home.

After that, birthdays

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your academic life..
Where did you attend your Secondary School and how would you describe your Secondary School days??

Mr. Dammy: I attended Iganmode Grammar School, Ota.

I don’t even know how to describe my secondary school days cause it’s like it never existed, to be honest. Left there with very few friends.

In a class of over 50 people, I can’t mention 10 persons’ names.

Interviewer: Could that be attributed to your personality while growing up?
Not wanting to socialize?
Mr. Dammy: I actually didn’t think anyone will want to socialize with me. That was actually the problem growing up.

I felt like I’m not part of the cool kid.

OAU Twitter Influencer @Ayamdammie

Interviewer: How would you describe your undergraduate days so far?

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Mr. Dammy: Well…firstly, It is longer than expected for obvious reasons I.e. the pandemic. But it has been stressful and fun… For me, school is more than just going to class.. I was intentional about learning things outside the classroom, creating an influence beyond the school walls and networking.

And to achieve this, you have to become more than just being a student and this can be stressful and fun.

Interviewer: Our audience would like to know what has been the “always push forward” mechanism for you amidst all the said stress?

Mr. Dammy: The fact that there is a “forward” that is visible is enough motivation. No one wants to remain stagnant or go backward. Being a better person takes discipline and dedication.

If one is intentional about being better or doing better then, you have to push harder even if you’re stressed. Success doesn’t come easy.

Interviewer: What do you like most about your undergraduate academic year?

Mr. Dammy: The people I’ve met, this is actually what I like about OAU. I’m glad for the friendship and acquaintances I’ve made in OAU.

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve met so many amazing individuals on OAU campus but if you are to make a shout out to one of these individuals. Who will it be?

Mr. Dammy: Lol.. This feels like a set up cause I can’t even start mentioning names. I will love not to mention names, everyone deserves a shoutout

Interviewer: Were or are you involved in any extracurricular activities as an undergraduate?

Mr. Dammy: sure, I’m into Digital Marketing and Social Media Management.

Interviewer: Great. Have you belonged to any civil, political, social, or voluntary organization (s)?

Mr. Dammy: Yeah, quite a few.
Been involved in my departmental politics since Part one and presently the department president. I’m a member of Plogging Club, OAU, and also Gavel Club OAU as the Vice President for Membership.

Interviewer: Impressively amazing. How have you been able to joggle all these up with your academic undertones considering the fact that OAU is known for “sport and STRUGGLE”?

Mr. Dammy: Lol, I have established at the beginning that it can be hard and stressful but then, I know my primary assignment in this school is to get a degree so regardless of whatever I’m getting myself into just so I can become a better person I do have it at the back of my mind that I’m first a student before anything else.

So, I priorities and manage my time meticulously

Interviewer: Time management is truly everything.

You mentioned earlier that your extracurricular activities are Digital Marketing and Social Media Management.
Do you practice them as a profession??
If yes, is it your first profession?


Mr. Dammy: I use social media a whole lot and I wondered how I could make money out of it. That was how it began.

I did some online courses and luckily for me, I got people who believed in me and gave me their brand/platform as a testing ground for growth.

So, is it a profession for me? Well, maybe.

Interviewer: That’s pretty nice. Will you say it your first professional line?

Mr. Dammy: Although, professional makes it sound like I’m a guru. I’m still learning and open to opportunities that will get me closer to my career goal

Interviewer: How would you describe your ideal career goal or profession?

Mr. Dammy: As a student of International Relations, I hope to put the knowledge into good use in a foreign affairs ministry but as a social media enthusiasts hoping to get a career as a communication officer for a tech company

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve had numerous impressive days but of which was a moment of fulfillment to you.

Mr. Dammy: Honestly, most of my happy days are when my actions make people happy. More reason why I love NGOs targeted at helping people cause the fulfillment that comes from making people happy is priceless.

So, anytime I do something or get involved in something that someone benefited from or changed their life, I’m glad. The reason why I built my values and aspirations around serving people.

Interviewer: Nice prospect.
We wouldn’t know the worth of happiness without having experienced “down moments.”
So in the same light is there an unforgettable experience of a down moment?

Mr. Dammy: Yes, there is but the major one is personal others are just everyday random down moments.

Interviewer: What would you have done differently in your career life, if you had it to do over?

Mr. Dammy: For now, I have no regrets, and it’s not because I’m perfect. It’s mainly because of the uncertainty of what could have happened if I do things differently.

Interviewer: What are some of the principles that you have lived by? What guides you?

Mr. Dammy: Be at peace with all men, humility, love, and respect.

Interviewer: Concerning your Social Media Management role, you are one of the few beings who have been able to create a sort of influence for themselves on Twitter. How does it feel to be able to have such influence and the engagement that comes with it?

Mr. Adebowale Damilola an OAU undergraduate and a popular Twitter influencer

Mr. Dammy: To be honest, sometimes it feels good. I didn’t create a Twitter account aiming to have followers e.t.c. It just happened.

Though, I like it but sometimes… It can be overwhelming.

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Interviewer: Do you have any experience with a fan that got to know you from social media that you’d like to share with us?

Mr. Dammy: Yes, the day I wanted to go and get something to eat at an eatery in Ife.

I don’t have my ATM with me, just cash then a guy saw me and insisted that I must pay for his meal, it was funny and I just had to play along cause at that point, eyes were on us already and I’m actually too shy for things like that. I just had to let it go… Meanwhile, I was really hungry that day.

Interviewer: As an influencer, you championed the trend for OAU online classes accompanied by few others on Twitter. How do you see the virtual classes working? Effective and all-encompassing?

Mr. Dammy: I have stated it countless times that online class is not the best method but only a way forward. There will be challenges, some of which we are facing already but is there going to progress?. I believe with time we will figure it out and then progress. We will only be deceiving ourselves if we think Federal Government will smile at the reopening of physical learning in a school of over 10,000 students with limited lecturers and halls of residence in a face of a global pandemic. There is a need for us to progress and not just sit at home if we have to wait for the spread of the virus to reduce before we start any academic activities. Our 2019/2020 session might start in 2022.

Interviewer: What do you do in your leisure time?

Mr. Dammy: I watch movies and pick up some books to read.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite spot on campus where you like visiting alone or with friends?

Mr. Dammy: I like going to the sports complex alone but with friends, it’s Buka.

Interviewer: What would you say is your philosophy of life?

Mr. Dammy: Love God, help people to stay happy and be happy also.

Interviewer: Our audience would like to connect with your on social media platforms.. what are your handles?

Mr. Dammy: Twitter @Ayamdamiee
IG @I.am.dammie
LinkedIn: Damilola Adebowale

Interviewer: Lastly, if there’s any advice you’d like to let out to thy fellow undergraduates or anyone out there. What will it be?

Mr. Dammy: Academic excellence is very good but it is not enough, especially in a country like Nigeria.

Get informed, learn a skill, be a member of a community/club, build yourself for the life after school and be intentional about meeting resourceful people.

Mr. Adebowale Damilola an OAU undergraduate and a popular Twitter influencer


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