Meet IconMayor , CEO of the largest WhatsApp community on campus

“Despite my massive media presence I enjoy my space a lot. I’m a man of solitude” IconMayor reveals in an exclusive interview with TrybeCity. IconMayor the CEO of the largest WhatsApp community on campus reveals talks about his passion for the technology industry and how he wishes to dwell in it. As a young man with ordeals he has been able to make a name for himself using his Triple S principle.

: Can we meet you?
Giving us a brief of your background.

IconMayor: I was born on the 23rd of March.
I am an undergraduate in the department of agriculture economics. I’m in part 4. I am a lover of solitude. I didn’t even feel the lockdown.
Despite my media presence, I’m less social

Interviewer: How many siblings do you have and where do you fall in your family?

IconMayor: I have 6 siblings and I happened to be the second born.

Interviewer: What would say is your earliest memory as a child?

IconMayor: As a child, I didn’t like wearing much of cooperate wears even till now. I was known for always going against the school principle of tucking in and being official with our wears. I like simple dresses. Even in my reports card while in primary school It was always recorded that I was “unofficial”

Interviewer: How would you describe your parents. What were they like? What did they do?

IconMayor: My parents are very Godly. They are church and religious inclined. My dad is a contractor and into furniture deals. He’s also a pastor. My mum is a trader, she also has a studio where she sells songs. She’s into basic things as well.

Interviewer: What family or cultural celebrations, traditions, were important in your life?

IconMayor: As mentioned earlier, I am a very simple person so I’m not quite the eventful type of person. Even on my birthday, I seldomly celebrate it. Sometimes I do change my birthday details on Facebook to avoid public announcements. I don’t this for any reason, it is just the way I am.
However, praise night can be said to be the only event I find quite interesting and that might seem like a tradition. I love praises, it gives me a sense of upliftment. Aside from that, I’m not a fan of any celebration.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your academic life.
Where did you attend your Secondary School and how would you describe your Secondary School days??

IconMayor: I attended an African Grammar school in Ibadan. My secondary school days were very much interesting. I had lots of experiences, I guess it was because I was the class captain from JSS1 till SS3.
I went to Community School 3 for my Junior high school education besides Command alongside Omi Adio, Ibadan road.
I had lots of experiences. Being the class rep, It was fun leading and also writing noisemakers because it felt like a big deal that period.
I was also brilliant guess that made me the class rep all through.
I was known for Mathematics. There are lot of records but we shouldn’t dwell on that.

Interviewer: How would you describe your undergraduate days so far?

IconMayor: I’d say it has been nice and great. The first thing I was known for on OAU campus was my academic prowess. Even though in my part 1 harmattan semester, I was so involved in sports because I didn’t really like the cause that I was given. I wanted to cross to some other department. So, I played football a lot. I was even made the coach of my team, was also part of our department team. But after my harmattan semester, I felt I could and should do more. Solomon was the one that inspired me to do more in my rain semester.
In part 2, I was made the Head (like coordinator) of all academic-related stuff for the whole Faculty by the faculty executives. I handled a lot of tutorials as well. I’ve been retained overtime for tutorials. I was even awarded. It was all fun and great. I love impacting people.
I have something I call the “SSS” The Triple S factor.
The secret of success is service.

I wrote tons of tutorial books and answered past questions; 10 years past questions among many others.

Interviewer: Our audience would like to know what has been the “always push forward” mechanism for you amidst all the whole school stress?

IconMayor: That would be my service and impacting spirit. That has always been the push forward mechanism.
I started my tutorial scheme quite early it wasn’t all easy but my love for service had always made it look so effortless.
I have the ability to also read and assimilate easily, so it was easy to joggle it all up. It will be worthy of notice to also know I carried my responsibilities from my part 2 days due to some financial cases. I told my parents to focus on my siblings. I love my siblings.
Despite all that, I still made most of my services free because of my belief in service for success.
The triple S factor has always been the motivating factor.

Interviewer: What do you like most about your undergraduate academic year?

IconMayor: I love my impacts the most. I remembered when the students (part 1) I was taking in part 2 passed and nailed their exams, I felt so great. The Joy of me moving and them also moving has always been a great feeling for me.
I obtained joy in my media too. All impacts generally.

Interviewer: Are there things or situations you don’t quite like about OAU campus?

IconMayor: There are lagging factors everywhere but in OAU I’d like to mention the staff-student relationship. The relationship between staff and students is not absolutely cordial. It is less than 60%. Most lecturers only consider their exam standards only when students fail. I find this absurd compared to other countries’ academic standards. Failure of students is the good standard of exams in OAU and other Nigeria institutions.
I don’t like that factor about OAU

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve met so many amazing individuals on OAU campus but if you are to make a shout out to one of these individuals. Who will it be?

IconMayor: I’ve met a lot of amazing individuals. It a hard one because I’ve met numerous great persons. It really a hard pick. But if I’m to mention 1 I’d like to name Adejobi Solomon. We are in the same department and level. And he’s a God-fearing person.

Interviewer: Were or are you involved in any extracurricular activities as an undergraduate?

IconMayor: None really. I wouldn’t term it extracurricular but I was the academic chairman of my faculty and my media hub.

Interviewer: Have you belonged to any civil, political, social, or voluntary organization (s)?

IconMayor: I’ve not really belonged to any organization on OAU campus. However, being a PR I relate with them but not so personally.

Interviewer: If yes (the above Question) How have you been able to joggle all these up with your academic undertones considering the fact that OAU is known for “sport and STRUGGLE”?

IconMayor: it has not really been easy but the mindset to service has always been the priority.
I am a knowledge-based person. Don’t be surprised if you see me in any other department other than mine. I might enroll in other undergraduate courses. I don’t think I’d have to tender my certificate anywhere due to my entrepreneurial prowess. I’m interested in tech. I’d like to input some of my industrial economy knowledge into tech.
I’d like to dwell in tech.

Interviewer: What was your first profession/ career?

IconMayor: My first profession was academic Aide. I’m into media and public relations now

Interviewer: When did you start your choice of career?
And what motivated you?

IconMayor: I started my media career in part 3 that will be in 2019. My first profession which is academic Aide would be in 2017/2018. But my predominant career started in 2019.
And what has been the motivation is the Triple S “The secret to success is service”

Interviewer: How would you describe your ideal career goal or profession?

IconMayor: My ideal career would be a business mogul. I’d make use of my media presence to be a business mogul.

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve had numerous impressive days but of which was a moment of fulfillment to you.

IconMayor: My impact so far has been my utmost fulfillment and when my students passed.

Interviewer: We wouldn’t know the worth of happiness without having experienced “down moments.”
So in the same light is there an unforgettable experience of a down moment?

IconMayor: They are quite personal. I was bullied by some lecturers. Even till now, I still experience some. Some of my results were seized. I was even given low marks due to my service. Carrying my responsibility could be said to be one tasking scenario because it was all so smooth

Interviewer: What would you have done differently in your career life, if you had it to do over?

IconMayor: Nothing really. I would have done the same things, same way but maybe better.

Interviewer: What are some of the principles that you have lived by? What guides you?

IconMayor: The Triple S factor. The secret to success is service.
I’ve always been guided by an analogy “A bird sitting on a tree is never scared or bothered about the branch breaking because its confidence is on its wing. So in relation to life situations, we shouldn’t be bothered about our circumstances but rely on our personal beliefs. The trust is never on the situation but me. On my belief. I also believe in the principle of what goes around comes around.

Interviewer: Do you have any experience with a fan that got to know you from social media that you’d like to share with us?

IconMayor: A lot. Many don’t know me personally just the brand name. Most people see me and ask me “oh are you icon mayor” and all of that.
Most times I get shy about it
I guess the new development of a nose mask would really help a lot. There was this time I went to ICT when some people in group came around and asked if I was icon mayor and said yes.. they were all greetings, it was quite an experience.

Interviewer: What do you do in your leisure time?

IconMayor: I consume knowledge and work my ass off on my media. I’m always busy only. The only time I’m not busy is when I’m sleeping. I meditate and listen to songs as well.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite spot on campus where you like visiting alone or with friends?

IconMayor: Not really. Like I said I like solitude a lot so I’m always in my room. I don’t have a favorite place on campus. My favorite place is my room
Funny enough, I can even say I haven’t been to the library to read.

Interviewer: Concerning the current upgrade in OAU academic system. What do you have to say about the virtual class? What’s your reservation?

IconMayor: It a good factor. it about trying to protect Students from the widespread virus. It also kind of disguising. Disguising in the essence that, all other OAU affiliates such as OAUCDl resumed physically and they engage like the pandemic never happened. Might not be deliberate though. But notwithstanding it a move to protect the students and OAU students could be organized as well.

Interviewer: Do you see it working all effectively and being all-encompassing?

IconMayor: It is going to be effective. Other schools have tried and as the oba of awon University, we can even do better. I see it being effective but the ratio of lecturers to the student is not quite balanced so it might be a problem. The practical classes of sciences students too might be an issue m Anyway, it would be great.

Interviewer: What would you say is your philosophy of life?

IconMayor: My philosophy of life is the aforementioned principles of my life. The Triple S and the bird analogy. And also knowing that our only limit is our mind.

Interviewer: Which of the OAU traditions are you most fond of??

IconMayor: I am an original great Ife student so I quite a fan of these traditions.
The tradition that I’d say is predominant in me is confidence. There is this confidence being an OAU Student. The confidence to walk anytime due to the safety guidelines of OAU campus.
I have other traditions in me too. Aro, gyrations and all.
I’m also fond of cruising.

Interviewer: Our audience would like to connect with your on social media platforms.. what are your handles?

You can catch up with me @IconMayor_media on all medias

Interviewer: Lastly, if there’s any advice you’d like to let out to thy fellow undergraduates or anyone out there. What will it be?

IconMayor: Take life Simple. If you take life simple things will come easy as well.
Make the world a better place just like Michael Jackson song “heal the word”
And also don’t just serve to attain success.

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