Meet Tejulive a passionate entertainer


TEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo UniversityTEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo University and a passionate entertainer tells the tale of his life as an entertainer, how he has been able to deal with it with

parents and his academics.

TEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo University

Interviewer: Can we meet you?
Giving us a brief of your background.

TEJULIVE: My name is OLATEJU TIMILEYIN JAMES. I’m in the department of FAMILY NUTRITION AND CONSUMER SCIENCES, Faculty of Agriculture.

Interviewer: How many siblings do you have and where do you fall in your family?

TEJULIVE: I have no siblings, I am the only child of my parents.

Interviewer: What would say is your earliest memory as a child?

TEJULIVE: I used to be a very dope passionate drummer.

Interviewer: How would you describe your parents. What were they like? What did they do?

TEJULIVE: My parents are the very good ones. You know it’s only a few out of Africa parents that will support their child doing what he/she loves! But my parents are fully in support of (TEJULIVE). I will also praise them because it’s not easy leaving their only child to pursue his dream that entails going around, stay late outside, traveling to different places for the sake of entertainment ‼️ so I must say I salute their courage And I respect their moderate sense of insecurity.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your academic life..
Where did you attend your Secondary School and how would you describe your Secondary School days??

TEJULIVE: I attended ST JOHN COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMY in ILESA OSUN STATE. A big shout out to MY DIRECTOR He did more than just schooling he also inculcated some habits/characters. That is what is helping most of us today. My secondary school days mehnnn it was so crazy and fun actually that was the first platform I showcased my talent. But I didn’t take it as a business/career then.

Interviewer: How would you describe your undergraduate days so far?

TEJULIVE: I thank God there is an undergraduate stage. I must say I am so grateful for it. That was where the vision began, I met a different set of people from which I drew inspiration from. And I must say, I am happy I got admitted to OAU if I were to be on other campuses as a student, I am certain I won’t discover ‘’TEJULIVE’’. A lot into this though but for now let’s stop here.

Interviewer: Our audience would like to know what has been the “always push forward” mechanism for you amidst all the whole school stress?

TEJULIVE: The push forward mechanism is passion. If I am not creating content and other doings I won’t be convenient. I so much love entertainment that it seems I am addicted to it. All I want is to give the people a memorable vibe either (online or offline), on-screen or on stage. Also, another thing that kept me going is the love and support I get from my real fans.

TEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo University

Interviewer: What do you like most about your undergraduate academic year?

TEJULIVE: What I love most about my academic undergraduate year is still the entertainment.

Interviewer: Are there things or situations you don’t quite like about OAU campus?

TEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo University
TEJULIVE: Hmm hmm nothing much actually because OAU students support their own craft and talents so that sef is enough.

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve met so many amazing individuals on OAU campus but if you are to make a shout out to one of these individuals. Who will it be?

TEJULIVE: In this entertainment line oo. A BIG shout out to BABAFAROS my main man he was the first person to influence my career on campus. He had an interest in me since even when the hustle didn’t make sense to me myself gan. Faros is a good man. I love him He did more than just promoting me he also taught me how to go about this entertainment of a thing ‼️ And the (know-hows) thing he taught me is really what is working for me to have my stand and stay gallant as a BRAND and a boss Man

TEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo University

Interviewer: Were or are you involved in any extracurricular activities as an undergraduate?

TEJULIVE: As for me school is my extracurricular activity.
While entertainment is the real activity that’s the truth if I don’t want to lie.

Interviewer: Have you belonged to any civil, political, social, or voluntary organization (s)?


Interviewer: What was your first profession/ career?

TEJULIVE: Teaching

Interviewer: When did you start your choice of career?
And what motivated you?

TEJULIVE: 100level Angola hall OAU.

Interviewer: Quite sure you’ve had numerous impressive days but of which was a moment of fulfillment to you.

TEJULIVE: Hmm hmm my moment of fulfillment was when OREZI entered my DM to commend me and I also saw notifications of him laughing and commenting on my page‼️ Now not only because OREZI is a celebrity, of course, before OREZI came up my videos have been posted on different BIG BLOGS/PAGES LIKE TUNDEEDNUT YABALEFT TWEETSAVAGES ZLATANIBILE DJKAYWISE WOLEADEBAYO just to mention a few But I was happy and I felt fulfilled that day because no one told OREZI about me before he started reacting to my post‼️ that shows what I am doing is making sense by default even without much promotion.

Interviewer: We wouldn’t know the worth of happiness without having experienced “down moments.”
So in the same light is there an unforgettable experience of a down moment?

TEJULIVE: No serious one for now and I don’t pray there is one. The reason is because I am a very lively person even outside my career so anything that wants to bring me down I do live it up.

Interviewer: What would you have done differently in your career life, if you had it to do over?

TEJULIVE: Maybe I would be a VIDEO DIRECTOR later on because I love the CRAFT/ be a professional business DRUMMER.

Interviewer: What are some of the principles that you have lived by? What guides you?

TEJULIVE: Na my mama oo anything wey she no like I no Dey do am that’s all. .

Interviewer: Do you have any experience with a fan that got to know you from social media that you’d like to share with us?

TEJULIVE: Yes different experiences MY FANS really loves me and make me feel on top of the world.
There was a day when one did a frame for me. Mehnn I was so happy. A big shoutout to JASMINE TOONS he did the FRAME.
Many more experiences with fans‼️‼️

Interviewer: What do you do in your leisure time?

TEJULIVE: During my leisure time I catch cruise I eat cos me I like food oo. And I think of crazy and diverse concepts

Interviewer: What will you say is your best delicacy?

TEJULIVE: My best delicacy is rice.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite spot on campus where you like visiting alone or with friends?

TEJULIVE: No Favorite spot

Interviewer: Concerning the current upgrade in OAU academic system. What do you have to say about the virtual class? What’s your reservation?

TEJULIVE: Virtual class might not be effective for now it’s really going to face a lot of challenges. As far as OAU is concerned fingers are not equal so not everyone can afford or have access to online lectures also there is will be low% of student’s comprehension towards lecture Because offline class some still go to extra tutorials and hire private tutors so it’s not that feasible for all

Interviewer: Do you see it working all effectively and being all encompassing?


Interviewer: What would you say is your philosophy of life?

TEJULIVE: My philosophy of life is NO ONE KNOWS TOMORROW so stay humble calm and do what will make u and your people proud and worthy tomorrow. Don’t look down on anybody and help as many as u can

Interviewer: Which of the OAU traditions are you most fond of??

TEJULIVE: Ahhhh Maybe the ARO sha.. So to say.

Interviewer: Our audience would like to connect with your on social media platforms.. what are your handles?

TEJULIVE: My handle on all platforms is TEJULIVE

Interviewer: Lastly, if there’s any advice you’d like to let out to thy fellow undergraduates or anyone out there. What will it be?

TEJULIVE: I would advice fellow undergraduates to do something different from academics, find a lucrative job/work and do it. Start from now don’t wait till you graduate there is actually nothing out there!! Push your talent. Push your business don’t be frustrated don’t see your dreams impossible or unachievable no matter how BUG it is Keep pushing make noise about what you do make a very reasonable and effective noise about it Don’t settle for less and have the TEJULIVE vibe and energy OF (ALWAYS A BOSS MAN )

TEJULIVE a student of Obafemi Awolowo University

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