CSO voices out on the recent rape cases by unknown bikemen in town

A team of 5 people from partners of the HUMANS OF OAU paid a visit to the office of the CSO concerning the recent rape cases by bikemen in town.

Acting on the information gotten from the anonymous form that was filled by a couple of students who had had encounters with the bikemen, the team approached the CSO with these pending issues and also, measures to be put in place that will put an end to the situation. The CSO informed us that a meeting was held with the bikemen last week, and they are working on getting the personal details of the bikemen (including their address, guarantor and next of kin). He also stated that the bikemen would be given aprons with numbers for easy identification. So, the bikemen would be identified with their numbers by everyone.

The team asked why this issue had not been publicised to the students and everyone, and the CSO stated that it was not their role to do that, and that it is the role of the University’s PRO and also, the DSA to disseminate this information to the students. Nonetheless, he said the Security Department will pass out the information very soon.

The CSO furthermore, told the team that he would set up a meeting with the Vice Chancellor, concerning the issues raised and for more effective measures to be put in place.


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