Security Alert: Every OAU student must know this to stay safe

Motion Ground

Security Alert

It has come to our notice that some criminal elements have been attempting to displace our students of their valuables by using various tricks and methods. We advice students to be more careful with their belongings and ensure they are kept safe and away when they are not in use. Gadgets and all valuables should be kept away from the hostel windows; students should also make sure they promptly report every strange face in the hostel to the security department.

Another method the fraudsters have been adopting is to pose as a lecturers or Doctors to unsuspecting students and send them on errands to get fuel at the same time requesting them to drop their phones or other gadgets; in all cases the victims never met the criminals when they returned and their gadgets were carted away – Please be careful.

We have receive various report and we have launch investigations to fish out the perpetrators, we however admonish all students to remain vigilant and be conscious as security is a collective business.


B. Oyatokun

Security hotlines; 0803 580 1206 and 0905 829 2737 for prompt action.

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