OAU Predegree & JUPEB Female Hostel, Bver Suites gets flooded

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What started as a very heavy wind at about 5pm on Thursday the 15th of April, 2021, soon metamorphosed into a rainstorm, causing the Obafemi Awolowo University, ile-Ife female hostel on the CDL Campus, “Bver Suites” for Predites & JUPEBites vulnerable.

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Inside OAU Media gathered from an eyewitness that soon after the downpour which seemed to be really heavy as a result of the “whirlwind” began, a number of students who were at one of the Lecture Theatres were discussing Bver Suites being flooded by the deluge.

It later got to the knowledge of everyone around that only 2 Suites were affected by the torrent as a result of the tore-off roof caused by the wind (that’s to tell you how windy it was).

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With the roof no longer in place, the rain was able to gain seamless entry into many of the rooms in these 2 Suites, leaving the belongings of concerned students flooded.

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It was reported that the affected students had their Beds, Books, Food stuff and virtually everything they had in their rooms soaked by the rain, thus, leaving them bewildered and with nothing. They however since the time of the incident had to stay in the other unaffected rooms with friends who were willing to take them in.

At the time of gathering this report, we hadn’t gotten any word from the School authorities. By and large, it is believed that the Management of the C.D.L. is not dropping the ball as they are expected to set things right and ensure that the affected students are paid attention to.

Theophilus Awotunde reporting for IOI


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