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Among the several hostels in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Fajuyi hall and Awolowo hall are said to be the liveliest hostels in the institution. This is not very obvious to the female students of the institution because they are boys’ hostels but some female students have definitely heard about the Great halls, there are other hostels like Angola hall, ETF, and others that exist but not recognized like that of Awolowo hall and Fajuyi hall.

Several hostels in OAU campus are named after great men and women who have contributed greatly towards the political development of the country and are historically recognized. Awolowo hall popularly referred to as ‘Awo’ was named after Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Also, Fajuyi hall famously referred to as ‘Faj’ was named after General Adekunle Fajuyi.

Obafemi Awolowo University hostel

The allocation of students to different hostels is being performed by the management of the institution (DSA and others) in a systematic way i.e hostels are allocated to interested students based on first come and first serve. Students who are able to complete their payments earlier are allocated to the best hostels.

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Years back, Fajuyi Hall and Awolowo Hall are allocated to stale students also (returning students), either students in 200 level up till final year students, and it is being reshuffled every session. Recently, the management amended the form of allocating the hostels majorly to the fresh students, depriving returning students much access to the school hostels.

Awolowo hall and Fajuyi hall being the home of sarcastic exchange of words and the act of whining, ‘Aro’, the expression commonly used to mock or make fun of fellow students, appear to experiences in their situation. This act is commonly known in these hostels, that if you make use of those slang on someone, you can easily be traced to belong to either of those hostels.

OAU hostel

This is not so common in these hostels anymore as the fresh students now occupying the hostels have no knowledge of such. The hostels which are used to be a place of fun and lively activities now turned into a very boring ones.

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The livelihood in Awolowo hall suddenly disappears into thin air as there are no student to play music in the hall, no student to shout/make noise, no student to disrupt sleeps, no students to implicate you jokingly, no student to take/steal your water, block to block exchange of tantrums, cooking of beans in almost every block at night, beans competition, shout when a lady enters the hall, no singing for parents that enter the hostel, etc.

Surprisingly, Fajuyi hall is rated as the current best among the hostels on the OAU campus despite the shortcomings and the alteration in these hostels. Among the reasons why students now prefer to be allocated to the Fajuyi hall than to be in Awo hall is because it is so close to many critical and indispensable locations on campus, it is even the closest to the academic area (lecture theatres).

© EMMANUEL IYANU SEYI (Emmist) writes for Inside OAU Innovations

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