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10 reasons you should get your OAU girlfriend a Children’s day gift

Every May 27th is recognised as Children’s day in Nigeria. It’s set aside as a public holiday to celebrate kids and gift giving on this day isn’t a strange sight.

It’s name might deceive you to believe that the day is only for children but well,we have some University undergraduates who also qualify to receive children’s day gifts especially if they are your girlfriends.

I will be addressing some reasons or some characters your OAU girlfriend possesses that qualifies her as a recipient for Children’s day gift. Here we go;

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She is a Daddy’s girl

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Me and you know that Daddy’s girls rarely grow old

She cries when she gets an unfavorable result

Adults don’t cry over issues like this, we meuve

She stays in Maintenance

I don’t like to say this but you guys will agree with me that most of the ladies staying at Maintenance are childish

She offers to return your gifts when you fight

What an exceptional way to show she is still a kid

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She still drinks Caprisonne,fresh yo and others

Bro, you are dating your younger sister

She watches cartoons

Get her an anime or a Tom and Jerry movie

She eats Cornflakes and Golden morn

Which adult does that

Her shoe size is between size 32 and 39

A konkoshoe for her day won’t be a bad idea

She is the last born

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Join her parents and older siblings in spoiling the small child she is

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She is always emotional

Na small small children dey do that Kain thing

She calls Mummy and Daddy every single day

Spoil her bro,get her those precious gifts. Little girl deserves it

Who or what do you think deserves to be here,drop it in the comments section and join the community in discussing what they deserve as gifts.

Culled from Zikoko

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