15 Common things about ALL O.A.U. Lecturers

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While they say each humans have characteristics peculiar to them, there are certain attributes inherent in all humans, and in particular groups of humans. These traits are of course traceable, and in this article we’ll be looking at similar attributes amongst one of such groups – O.A.U. Lecturers!

A group of friends could have similar characteristics, as well as their dissimilarities. In this article, I’ll be discussing 15 things common with O.A.U. Lecturers.
If not 100%, at least 90% of our Lecturers at O.A.U. have these character traits… O.A.U. Students & Alumni can of course confirm the Veracity of this fact!

Come with me, and see through my eyes…

Most O.A.U. Lecturers are Great Ifé graduates:
It is good to see that plenty of O.A.U. Lecturers graduated from O.A.U. This is something they are usually proud of, and never fail to reiterate when admonishing a group of students.

For some of them, it’s just their first degree, for some it’s just their Masters, while many of them had their First degree & Masters at O.A.U.
Do we have any O.A.U. Lecturer who had their first degree, Masters and PhD at O.A.U.? Perhaps, we do.
“Great Ifé, I love you…”
Cheers to them!

Most O.A.U. Lecturers are either stingy or not rich:
While some Lecturers turn up with their Largesse, plenty of O.A.U. Lecturers are either stingy or not rich.

I wonder why a Lecturer will gift #200 to a Student for scoring the highest in the class. I mean, what can fa? Kukuma not give me money now.

O.A.U. Lecturers enjoy code mixing and code switching:
A typical Omo Ibadan amongst O.A.U. Lecturers usually enjoys code mixing and code switching while they  Lecture. They can barely speak for 5 minutes without  mixing / switching to Yoruba from English while they make efforts to explicate the subject of discussion.

Most often, it is not usually deliberate. It is already innate.

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O.A.U. Lecturers are proud of the toughness and ruggedness they experienced as Undergraduates: Many O.A.U. Lecturers have turned out to be Storytellers, narrating their struggles as Undergrads. A particular Lecturer could spend a whole day telling you of their Undergraduate experiences in a bid to prove that they experienced some experiences, and what current students experience is only a tip of the ice berg.

All the best o!

Many O.A.U. Lectures feel that they are Lecturing in the best school in Nigeria:
It is undeniable, O.A.U. is Africa’s most beautiful Campus. Who is arguing with me? Come, on! Go and get seated.

However, our Lecturers also believe that they Lecture in the #1 University in Nigeria. From the quality of Academicians to the quality of Academic activities, plus the evidences glaringly depicted by present and past students.

Should we debate this? Is O.A.U. actually the number 1? Prove our Lecturers wrong if you can!

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They all have unique their Signature: When I say signature, I do not mean signing a document, as in appending one’s signature. I’m talking about each Lecturer having something they are known for. Thus, causing students tag them with it.

For instance; a Lecturer’s signature may be that he can’t do without mentioning a particular phrase whenever he speaks.

For some, they pronounce certain words wrongly, and they do this all the time! Lots more like that…
They’re known for it already; it’s their signature!

Most O.A.U. Male Lectures have empathy for Female students than male students:
If you’re a male student, OYO is your case with most male Lecturers oooo. They prefer to show favour to the girls (Sorry… Ladies) than to the guys.


This does not rule out the fact that there are Lecturers who do not showcase any bias for either genders.

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Most O.A.U. Lecturers see their students as immature, underestimate and Judge them too quickly:
This character trait is not far from a lot of our Lecturers at O.A.U. Before you take a step, they already formed an opinion about you, and they’re holding on to that.

Except you manage to convince them otherwise.
I’m not too comfortable with that!

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Many O.A.U. Lecturers care less about their students:
While some Lecturers give the privilege for students to enjoy their tutelage and do the needful, some Lecturers only come, drop materials and leave.  The next time you’re meeting with them is in the Examination Hall… They may not even organize any tests.

Eyi buru! That’s not good enough!

O.A.U. Lecturers are Intellectuals: Most intrigued, O.A.U. Lecturers are Intellectuals on whose wings O.A.U. Students soar. They do not drop the ball when it comes to academic pursuit, an inherent trait in a large percentage of them. Paragons of Knowledge!

It is with so much pride that I tell you that O.A.U. Lecturers cannot be sidelined. They are a force to be reckoned with in Academia. As a matter of fact, they know their onions!


O.A.U. Lecturers love to teach Culture:
I took a Course mate along to visit a Lecturer sometimes ago in his office. This Lecturer happens to be my Uncle (blood). With that familiarity, we got into his office and sat.

Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything for some minutes as he was busy on his Laptop. After he was done, he didn’t fail to ask us to “Get up, Young men!”

No gainsaying, I was embarrassed by this sudden outburst. He however made us understand that “you do not offer yourself a seat at a place where you’re visiting without being asked to”.

Afterwards, he recited the Institution’s Motto – “For Learning and Culture…”
Indeed, we had learned culture!

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Most O.A.U. Lecturers are funny:
When I say funny, I mean a good sense of humor, and virtually all of our Lecturers have a good sense of humor. You know, not letting any Lecture hour go with a dull moment.

A typical example is Dr. Stephen Olaiya at O.A.U.- CDL. Perhaps, he did depict this attribute as a result of the fact that he was a Literature Lecturer.

Most O.A.U. Lecturers are Disciplined; they do not joke with Punctuality:
“Once I step into the class, I’m so sorry, you can no longer step in” – The aforementioned accompanies the first speech of every Lecturer at the beginning of every semester.

From the viewpoint of a good student, this is in a bid to inculcate discipline and the culture of Punctuality in O.A.U. Students.

Still, O.A.U. is “For Learning & Culture”

Most O.A.U. Lecturers relate well with Students:
I mean; they joke, laugh and pass out time with students as opposed to a few “awkwardly different” Lecturers who prefer to be sadists.

However, the discipline ones amongst these Lecturers do not let this familiarity breed contempt. It shouldn’t go across board.

Most O.A.U. Lecturers love to give their Students tension and make them panic:
While many of our Lecturers are nice, on the flip side; they could breed tension in students.

For example, some Lecturers claim that they want you to have A asterisks, but you can’t get an A in their course – It’s not possible!

If you are very brilliant, you will get a C. As in, C is for brilliant Students.

Are there other characteristics common to O.A.U. Lecturers that you know of but were not discussed here? Share them with me in the comments!

Thanks for engaging!

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