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Gifts are one of the best expressions of love. It is a way of showing you care. Nigerian ladies love gifts. Going out of your way to spend money on them makes them feel loved and treasured. Birthday gifts are a must-have for them.
Best birthday gifts for a Nigerian lady include:

Birthday Gifts For Nigerian babe – insideoaumedia
  1. Jewelry: Ladies love jewellery. A lot of them can leave home without it. Exotic earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings & waistbeads catch the attention of a lot of girls. If possible, get customized ones or those with beautiful love symbols and words.
  2. Customized T-Shirts: This is a wonderful expression of love. Customized T-shirts with love messages and your names imprinted on them goes a long way to show how much she means to you.
  3. Hair: One of the most treasured and desirable objects of a Nigerian lady is hair. Human hair in particular. Price isn’t a barrier to them as ladies invest a lot in human hair. They come in different lengths, styles and grades. As a boyfriend, it is expected of you to add one or more of these to their collection.
  4. Shoes: Nigerian ladies are natural slayers and make you know so by spending a lot on shoes. Depending on your girlfriend’s taste & your budget, shoes (sneakers, heels, flats, etc) make beautiful presents.
  5. Clothes: Beautiful gowns, blouses, jumpsuits, palazzos, etc are always welcomed as presents by ladies. Go for something unique. A style that suits her taste. A style you will love to see her in. Ladies love looking beautiful.
  6. Phone: Women like phones as presents. iPhones or other expensive phones are good for them. This one unsurprisingly requires a much larger budget but if you are up for it, go ahead.
  7. Perfume: Ladies love smelling nice. Guys also like ladies that smell nice. Get her a nicely packaged bottle of perfume. She will love to spray it anytime you take her out or when she comes over.
  8. Cosmetics: Creams, scrubs, makeup and so on are essential for ladies. It helps them to look, smell and feel beautiful. Something every boyfriend loves as well.
  9. Gift Baskets: If you are indecisive about a particular thing to get her, gifts baskets will make a good alternative. Gift baskets vary in price and content. They contain things such as chocolate, wine, cards, perfume, teddy bears and so on. Girls love it.
  10. Money: Not a gift itself, but Nigerian ladies love being asked for their account number on their birthdays. This can also be an additional thing aside from presents while to others, a credit alert is a good enough gift for them.
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Constant giving of gifts goes deeper than the material aspect. It is a love language. These things go a long way in maintaining bonds between a couple. It lets your girlfriend know that you are important to her and you know her tastes. So, no matter how little, show her some love.

If you feel there should be something in this list, kindly share your idea I the comment section below.

©Whitney Oserada writes for IOI

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