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Obafemi Awolowo University is sometimes known as the university that never sleeps. This is because the campus is always full of life, even late at night. No matter the time of the day, students can always be seen roaming the campus engaging in one activity or another.

One of the activities most engaged in at night is reading. OAU is known for its tough curriculum, tougher tests and even tougher exams. Due to this, a lot of students dedicate hours of the night meant for sleep for studying instead. This is known as overnight reading, more popularly called overnight.

To stay awake long enough, one needs to be energized. One of these sources of energy is food. A good amount of it.

In the late hours, foods that can be found for overnight reading include:

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  1.  <strong>Risky Burger</strong>: This is a meal of bread and fried eggs made into a sandwich then lightly fried. It is one of the most popular night meals on campus. Almost every student on campus should have had this meal at least once throughout their stay on campus. This meal is very easy you gain access to as it can be found around hostels, faculties and other aspects of academic area. This meal is only sold at night till daybreak.
  2.   <strong>Suya</strong>: For those opting for lighter food, suya is a very good option. This light meal of grilled beef sprinkled with dry pepper and a side of vegetables is easily gotten in several areas of campus at night. Though, a student should be ready to spend a good amount because suya is fairly expensive.
  3.   <strong>Noodles and Fried Eggs</strong>: Usually sold alongside risky, it is a simple meal one can get at night. It is prepared and packaged on the spot. Found around hostels and academic area.
  4.  <strong>As e dey hot</strong>: These are simply fried pastries. The name is gotten from its mode of sales: It is fried and sold on the spot, as e dey hot. It is only available at one spot on campus which has been named after the meal. It can be called the most popular stand on campus. The crowd usually seen at the stand which is always the largest in the area is evidence of it. This is sold during the day till night. It is advisable to get it on time if intended for night reading because the stand closes before midnight.
  5.   <strong>Fast food</strong>: These are things such as Hot dog, Fried chicken, Donuts, Soft drink, Pizza, Sausage, meat pie, etc that can be found around Obafemi Awolowo University Amphitheatre, precisely close to Oduduwa lecture theatre 1 and 2 (ODLT 1 and 2). These can be found in the eateries that are close to these lecture theatres and are sold both during the day and night.

Which of these meals is your favourite? Is there anyone you haven’t tried yet? Share them in the comment section below.


©Whitney Oserada writes for IOI

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