OAU Rain Semester Course Registration Begins

Following the announcement of the resumption date for OAU’s Rain Semester, the school authorities have opened the eportal for the new Semester’s Course Registration.

To partake in the Course registration, a student needs to login with his/her Registration Number as contained in their Student ID Card, and their password (which could be changed later for a more secured one).

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This facility (eportal) is for students to register for courses in a given semester. A student registers by selecting each of the courses to be registered for as listed based on the course curriculum for the course in that semester.

After logging in, the form is to be filled appropriately; choosing the courses, completing the form, and paying the appropriate charges at the Bank.

To register, visit the portal in the link below:


It is important to note that any student who fails to register their courses at the stipulated time (usually at the beginning of every semester) will not be allowed to take examinations on such course.

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