In a country like Nigeria where unemployment, poverty and economic recession are prevalent, all of which are products of bad governance; it is usually good for students to be intentional about the Courses they spend their time studying in the University. Opting for a Course which has proven to be profitable in the Labour market is the real deal, as no one wants to end up in frustration after graduating from the University.

I’ve observed that certain courses appear to be in high demand from OAU Aspirants during the Annual UTME, and these Aspirants have asked several questions in this regard. Hence, the need for me to put something together to ensure these questions are answered.

Although not all existing Courses are available at the Obafemi Awolowo University (Mass Communications is one of such), the available ones are well to do. In this article, I’d be telling you about the most Lucrative Courses offered in the Obafemi Awolowo University.

Come along with me…

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Confidently and without the shadow of a doubt, no thriving business anywhere in the world can boast of their success without the service of an Accountant, a seasoned one at that!

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In case you didn’t know, Accountants are privileged to work in any firm or industry they deem fit with the perfect pay for them.
If you then happen to be Chartered, you’ll be going home monthly with a high income.

Are you still thinking about it? It’s readily available at OAU

This course simply deals with drug use; how they are made, how they should work and side effects.
Guess what? It is an existing course at the Obafemi Awolowo University.

There are several career options for students who study Pharmacy, flexible opportunities at that. Pharmacists have been named one of the best paid workers in the Nigerian Labour Market today. If you’re passionate about this course, why think twice?

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A very lucrative social science course is Economics. Closely related to and working hand in hand with Accounting, Economics is broader as it not only deals with money, but also factors like demand and supply.

With Economics you can work almost anywhere.
Are you interested in the science of Economics, study Economics in OAU today!

Courses in the field of Agriculture which are offered in OAU are;
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Extensions & Rural Development
Agricultural Engineering
Soil science
All of these suggest that Agriculture is a broad interdisciplinary field.

With a degree in any of these courses, you’re sure to come across great job opportunities.

Luckily, OAU has just reaccredited Law, making it available for intending Applicants.
Everyone requires the service of a Lawyer at one point or the other. Hence, you’ll always land gigs in the Legal system.

As a Lawyer, you could decide to work independently or as an employee with government establishments or a private firms. Trust me, the pay is usually wonderful, so long as you deliver well.

Diplomats and Ambassadors are one of the highest paid individuals in the Labour Market.

Studying International Relations makes you eligible for the Job of a Diplomat or an Ambassador.

With the unavailability of Mass Communications at the Obafemi Awolowo University came the prioritization of English Language.

With English Language, you are eligible to work anywhere. Yes, anywhere! As long as you know you’re onions, you’ll be duly paid.

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Dramatic & Performing Arts, otherwise referred to as Theatre Arts in several other Universities is as well a Lucrative Course to study in OAU.

The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is fast growing, coupled with the emergence of fresh actors, many of whom began with Instagram Comedy skits. This is simply leveraging technology! The whooping sum of money follows of course! However, this isn’t immediately, you’ve got to build yourself such that you’re on high demand.

Therefore, if you’re a dire lover of the Entertainment Industry, why not study Dramatic & Performing Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University?

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Closely related to Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering is undoubtedly one of the profitable courses offered in OAU.

Oil exploration in Nigeria began in 1958 at Otuabagi, Bayelsa state, and it has ever since been a sustainability factor in the Nigerian Economy, one of the sources fueling the Nation’s budget.

According to reports, Chemical & Petroleum Engineers in Nigeria earn at least 400,000 Naira monthly, asides other benefits and incentives.
Indeed, it a profitable course to study.

Either Computer Science with Economics OR Computer Science with Mathematics which are offered in the Obafemi Awolowo University, you’re right on track!

The demand of the service of Computer scientists (all forms of them) is on the increase in Nigeria today! Hence, picking up either combinations listed above in the Obafemi Awolowo University would be a really bold step.

With Architecture, you can work for a building & construction firm as well as privately. The service of an Architect is usually required for the designing and construction of buildings and other structures.

By simply placing yourself rightly, you’ll thrive in the business.

Civil Engineers deal with the designing and construction of structures such as airports, bridges, canals, dams, pipelines, roads, rail systems to mention but a few.

With a degree in the Course, and diligence in the field, you’re sure to earn as much as possible.

All businesses need trained administrators in order to succeed. Meanwhile, Business Administration is a very broad discipline which allows you to specialize.

With a degree in Business Administration, especially from OAU, you’ll come across lucrative opportunities

With Real Estate emerging as one of the thriving businesses in Nigeria today, Estate Management is a big deal!

Why not take the plunge? If you’re passionate abiut Real Estate, Estate Management is the way!
Interestingly, it is an accredited course at the Obafemi Awolowo University!

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Apart from the prestige attached with studying Medicine & Surgery, it is important to note that many Nigerian Doctors in Nigeria earn meagre salaries, while some earn salaries relatively comfortable when compared with other Jobs. However, their counterparts abroad are paid handsomely!

You could decide to practice abroad, but come study Medicine in OAU… Winks.

While some Courses have been tagged “useless”, other Courses have been overly dignified, and anyone who doesn’t study any of those courses is usually sidelined or overlooked. It is however best to study what is in tune with what you’re passionate about; finding your way after graduating will be a lot easier. Why not ‘Fuel your passion!’

Did you find this article resourceful and eye opening? If you’ve got any questions about the Courses offered in OAU or any question on the Admission process, do well to drop them in the comments, and I’ll provide answers to them in earnest.

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Thanks for engaging!

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2 replies on “Most Lucrative Courses to Study in OAU”

  • Anonymous
    June 19, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    Sir, what of computer engineering

    • Theophilus Adeniyi
      June 19, 2021 at 8:04 pm

      Computer Engineering is available at OAU.


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