When ‘Yellow House’ is mentioned to the hearing of OAU students, I mean OAU Students who offer Mathematics, what grips them is fear – something I find very strange. Some say they fear failing the course, others say they fear the Lecturer, while some say they fear the turgidity and toughness associated with the Lecturer and course itself.

We cannot rule out the fact that virtually all Departments give tough times to students, but you should never give room for fear as it could hinder you from coming out with good results in the Course. As a matter of fact, it is the fear of failure that causes failure.

“You just don’t know how tough Yellow House Courses are. The toughness is worth the fear”

Was that what pervaded your thoughts in the last few seconds?
Alright, the fear usually comes… But who says that your fears are insurmountable? Of course you can surmount your fears for OAU Yellow House Course.

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How exactly? Simply follow the tips I’d be sharing with you.

Don’t Pay Attention to Negative Reviews:
Many students offering Yellow House Courses, before they even attended their first class were already told that the Courses are really tough. Your fear probably resulted from those stories you heard.

Well, if you want to conquer Yellow House, the first step is to do away with all of those negative reviews; see them as untrue.

Read & Practice:
It’s so funny how some students find it difficult to visit any of their materials after a class is over. They only get to open (not even use) their course materials only when it’s time for class.

To have A asterisks in OAU Yellow House Courses, do not pile up materials to read or solve at a later time as it wouldn’t benefit you in the long run. Read & Practice… In fact, beyond the syllabus.

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Live by the NOW Policy:
Always take NOW actions when it comes to Yellow House Courses. In fact, every single course you’re taking… Don’t even attempt to be futuristic with it (reminds me of futuristic eschatology… Lol).

Do not assume that you will get to understand obscure topics later. Locate the topics you don’t understand and meet colleagues to explain them to you IMMEDIATELY the Lecturer steps out.

Don’t over think:
If I were a motivational speaker, I’d have asked you to “aspire to perspire…” OR to say positive affirmations. But if you do this without reading, you’re simply on your own. However, I’ll tell you to let this be your motto whenever you’re before the Yellow House giant;
‘I came to learn you, and not get killed by you’.

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In practice, make efforts to learn it! Not just resounding the motto, lest it becomes a banter.

Plan your time:
As much as I advice you to be studious, do not let your studies affect your extra-curricular activities and vice versa.

Draw out a time frame for everything you involve in, ensure it is balanced, and follow it strictly.

I hope that you found these tips helpful. If they were helpful, let me know in the comments section below.

What has your journey in the Yellow House been like? Would you share any of you ‘mad’ experiences/ memories at OAU’s Yellow House with me? Do that in the comments!

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