List and directions of all major roads in OAU

Obafemi Awolowo University, Africa’s most beautiful campus which has earned the university its prestige and fame within Africa and beyond. Moreso, the university is the second largest in the whole of Nigeria containing a lot of amazing structures with good and smooth roads for safe transport. The university indeed is worthy of its praise on the lips of many. Any time you find your way to the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University this well detailed information on all OAU major roads will serve as a guide, so you can easily find your way around.

The list of all OAU major roads begins with:

Road 1: Sir Adesoji Aderemi Road. Spans from the campus gate to the magnificent Oduduwa hall. This is the first road going into the university from the OAU main gate.

Road 2: Winds past Faculty of Technology and Pharmacy through Staff Quarters. Linking Road 1 to Road 18 with many other roads stemming from it along the way viz Roads 7,8,9,10A and B, 11 and 18.

Road 3: Go a little bit farther into Maintenance hostel. The road linking Dami hostel to Oxford Lodge is OAU’s third road.

Road 4: Moving from Adereti Hostel to Mega Zion Hostel then to Hostel 14, just around the corner is the right term but that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the road linking them. And it’s Road 4.

Road 5: Going from Oduduwa hall to Spider building while passing through Faculty of Law is around a kilometer. You know what? That single road that goes beside Faculty of law, Dramatic arts, First Bank lecture theater up to Civil engineering department is Road 5.

Road 7: Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Road. Seems to be the longest single road in OAU. A few meters down Road 2, Road 7 stems and winds through the Staff Quarters and terminates at Fajuyi Road almost 6 km from the school gate.

Road 8: While moving along road two, further after road 7 turning, is another turning at the left side of the road which leads to OAU staff club swimming pool by the right side of the road. Moving forward is also, OAU conference and Guest house which is a few meters to make a right turning leading you to road 8.

Road 9: Exactly at OAU international school junction, after the road 7 turning from road 2, making a left turning at the junction, brings you into the Staff Quarters. Few meters after, you come across a left turning, observe the turning and move straight along the road curve and at the end of the curve, is a junction split in two ways, right and left. The right turning leads you to Road 9.

Aluta-Faj Annex Road: This road is a T-junction that connects three roads together. The first, all the way from the first SUB bustop to Adekunle Fajuyi hall. The second, leads to the New Bukataria, ETF, and New Market. The third, Alumni hall, Health centre, Awolowo hall, Postgraduate hall, Mozambique hall, Angola hall, Meat Republic, all the way to Staff Quarters.

Moremi Road: This road encompasses Ednet cybercafe, Lovers Garden, Moremi hall, 1000 seaters, to Architecture department.

Health Center Road: This road is the direct road to OAU health center. It also encompasses the Moremi-Awo pathway, Sharwarma joint, As e dey hot, Risky joint, Alumni Bustop 1.

White-Yellow House Road: This road links together the Yellow house parking lot, White House parking lot, and geology parking.

Power House Road: This road also connects to Awovarsity road and Adesoji Aderemi road. The Wema Bank and ATM stand can also be found here.

Opa Road: This road links all the way from Adesoji Aderemi road, Gboye Events centre, Opa canal to Road 7.

Sports Hostel Road: This road begins from SUB Bustop, spanning across Ecobank, Akintola Sports hostel, Mainbowl sports walkway, Industrial general insurance (IGI), Prof. Michael Omoigui’s office, to religious ground.

Awoversity road: It branches from the Adesoji Aderemi road through to the famous OAU banking area and leads to OAU’s prestigious Awoversity hall.

Religion ground road: This road encompasses and connects most religious buildings found in the university.
Taking the first turning to your right from Adesoji Aderemi Road on your way out of the University through the first gate, would lead you down the religious ground where you’ll find OAU mosque and other religious buildings.

The PG(post-graduate) close: This road can be accessed right after the faculty of technology beside the PG hall.

Museum road: Linking from the PG road is the museum road. Its not a long road and mainly leads to the prestigious OAU Museum.

OAU farm road: Branching from road 8, leads straight to OAU farm, a large expanse of land containing various livestock animals and many crops.

Spider Road: This road cuts through spider building car park, Civil engineering department to the garden, off road 5.

Afrigist Road: The African Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology (Afrigist) is along Rectas road, off road 1.

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