OAU Aspirants, Find Out: After Admission on JAMB CAPS, What is the next step? What documents do you need?

Being admitted into the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ifé is no small work! It is indeed a feat worth celebrating.

OAU Admission Portal

Sleepless nights, extensive reading, examinations (UTME, Post UTME, JUPEB National Exams, etc.), the worries that came while the results for these exams were yet to be released, the eventual result release, the long wait – waiting for your CAPS status to change, perhaps you got a course transfer, and finally getting to see “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED” is the story of many Aspirants now “Admitted Students” or more comfortably, “Freshers”.

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JAMB CAPS: How to Accept or Reject Admission

Well, be reliably apprised that the admission process doesn’t end with the Congratulatory notification you got. As a matter of fact, you’ve just got started! In case you didn’t know, OAU is a school of ‘struggles’ – grins😁.

The fact that you were Congratulated on your admission doesn’t mean you’ve been fully admitted into OAU yet. Until you’ve gone through all of the process I’d be listing below, you can then confidently claim to be an Admitted student of the school.

There are several other steps to take if you got that Congratulatory message on your JAMB CAPS, and that is exactly what we will be talking about here. Come with me!

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After your JAMB CAPS shows you have Been Offered Admission, what do you do?

• Accept the Offer! The next step is to accept that admission. However, if for any reason you don’t want the course you were given, you can also reject it.
Be informed that once you reject your admission, you may not be able to get admission for that session again. So, look before you leap!Print your JAMB Admission Letter and Original JAMB Result: Every candidate who has been admitted must print both the JAMB Admission Letter and the Original JAMB Result from a JAMB accredited center around them.

OAU Campus – Road 1

For Direct Entry Applicants, knowing that you did not write UTME, you are to ensure you have a copy of the results you are using for the direct entry alongside your Admission Letter.

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Meanwhile, persons who got a Course transfer (Either JAMBites or Direct Entry Applicants) should note that they won’t be able to Print their admission letter until they apply for a change of course to the course they are admitted to. For instance, a person who applied to study Medicine, but got a transfer to Microbiology must first accept the admission, and thereafter visit a JAMB accredited center to change their course to Microbiology. Once this is done successfully, you can then proceed to print your Admission Letter which must now bear “Microbiology” as your course of study.

The reason the school will be asking you to tender these documents is to assert that you’re the true owner (real writer of your UTME) of the result and admission.
On the JAMB admission letter and result, the candidate’s passport photograph will appear as used for UTME. Both must be printed in color in order to be accepted as original.

Also, candidates should ensure to keep enough copies of their Admission Letter as this will be requested for while they’d be going for service (NYSC).

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After the printing of your Admission Letter, you are then to await information from the school as to what to do next.

Apart from JAMB, schools offering admission equally require candidates to accept the offers on their portal. The school would inform you when and how to log into the school’s portal to accept your admission there. This means that you are to wait until OAU opens the portal. Make sure you follow update from the school closely.

Well, you have us! Once the information is out, you’ll be duly informed.

At that point, you will be required to;

• Visit the School’s Admission Portal to check your admission status, and then Accept Admission.

• Checking and accepting admission status on the school’s portal may require paying an acceptance fee. This is a general concern. Almost all schools require admitted students to pay this before anything else.

• Once you’ve done the Acceptance fee payment, you’d be asked to print some credentials, and thereafter you’re required to come to the school (at a later date or immediately) to present all your credentials for screening and documentation.

• You’d also be required at that point to do Freshers’ Registration on the Students Portal after the payment of the acceptance fee, being cleared, and payment of tuition. At this point, you are now a bonafide student of the Obafemi Awolowo University.

• The next thing is to register as a new student. This will give you your own portal as a student. You have to fill a couple of forms online. It’s through this portal you continue your studentship activities till you’re a graduate of the school.

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NOW, THIS IS THE BIG DEAL! Follow through…

While you await information from the school regarding the rest of the admission process, you are to;

Get all your documents ready!:
Funny enough, many do not become aware of this until their resumption date. But now that you know, it is expedient that you begin to gather all of your documents in earnest.
Below is a list of all the documents you’ll be needing.

A. WAEC/NECO/GCE O’level result(s)
(Original or WAEC website print out). Candidates who applied with two sittings are to get both Original results ready.

B. Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age

C. Admission letter (printed from JAMB website)

D. UTME Original result slip (Printed from JAMB website containing your picture)

E. Post UTME/Screening result/Pre-degree final result

F. State of Origin/Local Government Area Certificate

As time goes on, when you are able to access the OAU e-portal with your JAMB reg. no., you will print out the following documents

G. Notification of Admission (Bio-data form/ Student Information Form – MIS 2 Form

H. Online Screening Summary Report

I. Directorate of Academic affairs Verification of credentials

J. Clearance Certificate

K. Hostel Slip (optional).

All candidates should note that they are to print the originals and have several photocopies of each document as they will be required to submit a copy each at the Faculty and department as well as to their Part adviser. You would also need copies for yourself and for future use.

Meanwhile, there will be so many free photocopying stands on Campus for all @ Anglomoz. That is always done every resumption day by all Fellowships on Campus – Free printing, free photocopying.

Be ready to pay the necessary fees:
The portal for online registration will soon be made available and you’ll need to do the necessary payment of acceptance fees, school fees and hostel fee (that is if you desire to stay on campus and you’re given a bed space).
Before payments begin, the registration procedure and the amount to be paid will be on the school’s e-portal. Payments will be done online and only from OAU e-portal page. Do not fall into the hands of swindlers! You should also take your time during the payment process so as not to be charged twice, because in a case where you mistakenly pay twice or more, OAU wouldn’t refund your overpayment.

Meanwhile, the allocation of hostels is based on ‘first come, first serve’ as it won’t be enough for all Freshers. This means that you are not to pay for hostel if you weren’t given a bed space.

Be ready to purchase all your needs:
It should be noted that the OAU management won’t provide any student with bed, buckets, clothes, writing materials, cooking utensils or free food. Every student should purchase all that they need before leaving home. You could as well get to campus and thereafter visit the market if it’ll be hard to travel down to Ifé with all of these items. If you’re lucky enough to get a bed space, you’ll only meet bunks and cupboards

The Registration process is a stressful one:
Being stressed isn’t far from Freshers when they are on their registration process. It would only be an easy one if you already have all documents set, and you’re at the venue of registration as early as possible. You’ll need to do your Faculty registration, Department registration, Hostel clearance, Health centre registration, Library registration amongst others. It is important for all students to get registered at the Health centre, else getting treated when you fall sick won’t come easy. Also, without your Library registration, you won’t have access to the Library. Meanwhile, a student stands a chance of losing their studentship if they’re not registered at both Faculty and Departmental level. You’ll also pay certain fees at some point during your registrations, and you’ll be given files. But not all registration comes with the need to pay.

Course Registration:
This process is usually before academic activities start fully. There is usually a deadline for this process, meaning that it would only be accessible before it is closed. You are required to register the courses you want to offer for that semester as you cannot sit for an examination you didn’t register for during the Course registration process. It should be noted that the maximum allowed Course unit is 24. For instance, if you are studying Microbiology, you’ll be required to register the following courses:

  1. CHM101 (4units)
  2. CHM103 (1unit)
  3. PHY105 (4units)
  4. PHY107 (1unit)
  5. BOT101 (3units)
  6. BOT103 ( 1unit)
  7. ZOO101 (3units)
  8. ZOO103 (1unit)
  9. SSC101 (3units)
  10. SER001 (2units)

  11. LIB001 (0unit)

NOTE: As a Fresher for Microbiology, you won’t be able to pick electives till your second session.

Did you find this post helpful? What part were you not clear about? Let me know in the comments! All your questions and concerns should be dropped below in the comments… They’ll be answered in earnest. Do not forget to share the link to this post with persons around you who have just been admitted into the OAU.

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  1. How do u know if you’ve been given bed space, will it show on the e-portal? I’m very confused on that point
    And also u mentioned first come first serve, so that means for you to get hostel on campus, you need to pay as early as possible?
    Pls expatiate more on this. Thanks a lot

    • You are to ballot for bedspace online via OAU portal. A day or two specific DAYS and TIME will be chosen by the school for the balloting and it will be announced a week or two before the day of balloting. You are just to come online, log in to your portal on time and apply for bed space. That is where first come, first serve condition comes in. If you are able to get before the available bed space get exhausted, then you are lucky.

      Don’t worry, a blog post will be made on How to apply for Bed space when it’s almost time.

      Thank you.

  2. I want to ask question concerning the registration of course before school activities commence – How do I know the certain number of unit course to choose for my course of study ( English Language to be precise), because you only made mention of Microbiology courses as an example.

    Also, can you please try and shed more light on how a course unit is up to 4, 2, or 0 .

    Furthermore , I don’t know if you can help us knowing the full meaning of each course abbreviations ( as in ” CHM stands for what ” and so on.)

    Thank you.

    • You need not be in hurry. All of that will be made available for you in your various departments. When you get to school, you will be given your departmental handbooks, it will be pasted on your notice board, and it will be sent to your WhatsApp page too; all the courses to be registered, the number of units, the abbreviations will be made available before your course registration.

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