Longest distance roads in OAU

The world is growing fast and very soon, moving by roads may not be usual anymore. But until then, roads remain one of the good things of life we are forever grateful for. Let’s make it a little more real.
Just imagine OAU in all the land expanse without roads. Once again, imagine going from campus gate to academics without that long windy road that takes determination to trek across. Obviously, i know you can’t help imagining without adding some drones or aero-crafts. Say a prayer for whoever thought about making roads.
From Humanities to Sciences to Halls of residence, I can feel your minds viewing the roads in 3D already. Some roads measure only a few hundred metres while some stretch into kilometers. Ain’t you curious to know which ones are the longest?


3. Sir Adesoji Aderemi Road: popularly known as Road 1 is the third longest road in OAU and definitely the most used too. Right from the security station to the sport complex fall short of 3 kilometers by a few yards. This road connects the University mainland to the outside of it. It takes roughly 4 minutes to journey on the road when the driver doesn’t care about the speed limit of 60km/hr but it takes 30 minutes upward to trek the same distance when the trekker is highly motivated.
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2. Road 2: Coincidentally, OAU’s Road 2 is the second longest Road on the campus. Many people don’t call it Road 2. Some call it ‘Pharmacy Road’ or ‘Staff Quarters road’. Fewer call it ‘Health Sciences road’. Maybe the name doesn’t so much matter. The roughly 4km road starts from Oduduwa Hall and goes past Pharmacy and her neighbours to terminate in the Staff Quarters
1. Road 7: The longest single road on OAU Campus stems from Road two and terminates at Fajuyi Road in the Ife Town. Road 7 comes close to 6km in length, fully tarred.
Doesn’t it fascinate you how the three longest roads meet at least once? Maybe it was part of the ingenuity of the Sharon brothers or just a mere coincidence. Who knows?

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