Five Signs You’re Emotionally Intelligent

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For a long time, how high an individual could climb up the proverbial ladder of success or how much they could achieve was gauged by their Intelligence Quotient (IQ). But now, the society is being enlightened. Emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) influences a lot about a person and their approach to life situations. Though, it is still not a dimension that many people have real insight into. You might have passed IQ tests, well, here’s a form of EQ test. Read through the following five signs and check yourself to know how high or low your EQ is.

1. You can read people: People with high EQ are more emphatic which makes them more sensitive and observant about what others around them are saying, thinking or feeling in certain situations/circumstances. Can you easily tell when your companion is growing bored with your chatter or is slightly offended by a comment you made? It’s a good sign that you’re an emotionally intelligent individual.

2. You are in control of the energy around you: Emotionally intelligent people understand the importance of the kind of energy you let in and around you. They filter out toxic energy and protect their mental sanctum. It involves not just having a hold on your own emotions but also ‘sanctifying’ the energy around you. They know how to neutralize toxic people.

3. You know how and when to disconnect and refuel: Everyone gets tired at some point. Emotionally mature people know when it’s time to take a break, turn the phone off, cool off and reflect for a little while. Just as we all (should) know how to care for our physical health, they know how to care for their emotional health. They are self-aware. This helps them to keep afloat and stay level-headed while everyone else is losing theirs.

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4. You are difficult to offend: We cannot control other people’s words and actions but we can control our reactions to them. People who lack emotional intelligence can be very ‘touchy’ and often make outbursts that seem out of proportion to the situation. This is because they lack the emotional maturity required to understand others and express themselves rationally.

5. You have no problem letting go: Not just old resentments and hurts from others but also past mistakes you’ve made yourself. People with high EQ recognise the power in an apology and have no problem righting crooked relationships. They let go of old hurts, rather than leave them to fester. This is because they know how to manage interpersonal relationships and maintain a healthy mental and emotional state.

Of course, factors such as trauma, background, grief, mental illnesses and the like influence a person’s emotional state and, consequently, their EQ. If you find that you are in this aspect, not to worry. Except in few cases, no one is actually born emotionally intelligent. It can be learnt. You can train and build yourself into that well-rounded individual you want to be. Working on the points listed in this article is a good way to start.

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