Obafemi Awolow University

Voting already concluded across all polling units on OAU campus.

The great Ife Students union overall was peaceful apart from a few issues encountered in some of the faculty polling units which was resolved amicably.

Great job for the electoral commissioners incharge of yesterday’s election, they organized a very free and fair election for Great Ife Students.

Although, the results of the elections are out, and we have here nothing but facts on the full results of the elections. Also, we have the winners as things stand but it should be noted that this isn’t official yet and winners will only assume office after the rain semester examinations.

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While we await a full release from the Electoral commission and petition on the outcome of the elections, we urge you to stay relaxed as we will update you duly.

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List of winners for each posts.
Post. Political name. Faculty.

Director of Sports – Oluwanoni {Clinical Sciences}

Director of Socials – Omo Alhaji {Education}

Welfare Director – Arafat {Science}

Financial Secretary – Legbeti {Administration}

Public Relations officer- Tao {Arts}

Assistant Secretary General – Mastermind {Law}

Secretary General – Great Sam {Pharmacy}

Vice President – Salvation (unopposed) {Arts}

President – Reform {Arts)

The full details as regarding the total number of votes will also be posted very soon.

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