Following the series of events that have plunged the school in the last few days.

Some of which had led to the sudden abruption of school activities including the ongoing school examination, the vacation of students from their place of residence and the lockdown of campus.

All these were factors which were borne out from the protests that was led by students against the school management over the loss of a fellow students life at the school’s health centre.

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Many a student have expressed their grievances over the sudden lock down of campus and seek for the reopening and the continuation of academic activities.

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In respect to that, a circular was circulated to address the prevalent issues.

It goes thus;

“Notice is hereby given for an emergency meeting of Senate scheduled for 4.00 pm prompt on Tuesday, 5th October, 2021 at Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.


  1. Situation on Campus

Please keep the date open and attend the meeting punctually.

Members are requested to kindly come along with their nose masks to the meeting.
Thank you”

The circular was signed by the Deputy Registrar of the University, M.S. Oluwajoba

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