Failure is an inevitable event in life. In the academic world, failure is a cankerworm eating up the progress of the educational system in a country, which could have an adverse effect on the mental health and educational performance of a student. It is a tool that weighs down the spirit of a serious student.

Nobody in this world plans to fail. In the university too, students struggle hard to achieve good grades and pass their assessment with the required number of marks and scores. But many a times in spite of all the efforts, getting a passing grade can be very hard.

There are many factors that can lead to the failure of students in Obafemi Awolowo University. Some of these are internal forces while others are external factors. So it’s therefore important to understand the reasons for high rates of failing grades gotten by students in this important phase of their lives. Technically, I would love to highlight some reasons why OAU students do fail.

1. Inability to prepare adequately: Having a procrastinating apporach towards studies often leads to less preparation or study. The lazy and laid back attitude of students keeps them away from making efforts for learning and understanding the various concepts that they might be tested on. They are too lazy to work themselves and they expect others to do their assignment and tests for them.

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2. Lack of focus: In this age of information and technology, where smart devices and mobile phones are a basic necessities of the society, concentrating on studies without any distraction is quite difficult. With access to the internet 24/7, involvement in the social media, websites and a world of video games at their disposal, finding the time to actively study is very hard. Students fail because they are unable to focus on their studies and are distracted by these worldly activities.

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3. Inability to manage time wisely: Time as we know is a valuable asset. Time once lost cannot be retrieved that is why the saying goes thus “Time is precious, make better use of it”. They fail to utilize time properly due to procrastination. Sometimes due to large number of academic commitments, students are unable to prioritize their studies and hence lose valuable time. So, students who cannot manage time properly end up failing in thebUniversity.


4. Negative attitude: Having a pessimistic and negative approach towards life and its challenges is often very harmful. If students get into despire after small hiccups and mishaps in life, they start to carry a negative attitude towards everything in life. Being demotivated to study, they end up failing in the university.

5. Carelessness: Most OAU student merely fail because of a careless mindset. They do not give due importance to studies that is why most of them end up failing.

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There are other several reasons why OAU student fail like lack of confidence, fear of failure , etc.
However, one of the major reason why OAU student fail is not being able to strike a balance between the excessive social life and academic life, causing the academics of such a person to suffer i.e not prioritizing their academics but rather distracted by the social activities. This is why they say OAU is filled with distractions. So, if one is not careful, one can end up failing in school.

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As an admonition, failure is not the end of the world. To battle against failure, students should work effortlessly and prioritize their academics; which is their first assignment.
By so doing, it will bring a form of consciousness on the part of the students which will reduce the rate of failure of the students.

To achieve success isn’t a bed of roses. You should relentlessly prepare yourself for a great task but have it at the back of your mind that success is sweet and pays like they always say ” May hay while the sunshines”.

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