Guest Post by Tife Lafe
An interesting thread every OAU student can relate to:

1. The Shanas:

These ones are the students you will always find in the library, in HSLT or Admin, reading. They have their permanent ‘jacking’ spot, they are the “iwe ogbafemi”. While some of us sit back in class still trying to figure out why the lecturer is teaching Spanish in a ‘MTH102’ class, these ones are already raising their hands to ask and answer questions.

2. The Unserious

These are the back seaters, always disturbing the class in one way or another. We, the classmates are usually tired of them, although their absence is usually greatly felt. They are lowkey ‘Shanas ’ and the best definition of street smart. These ones can whine somebody’s destiny, they tell you they haven’t read anything but you find them in their rooms reading profusely.

3. The Walking Air:

These are the ones you never know are your classmates, they come to class late, attend lectures and then walk right out immediately lecturer leaves the class. If heaven falls on earth in the lecture room or even if the class rep turns into a rabbit in class, it’s none of their business. They are the ‘wizkid’ of the class, these ones have obtained PhD in minding their business.

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4. The Clueless:

These are the ones who are never aware of any assignment given until 2 days to submission. They are always disturbing the class group with questions like “when were we given this assignment?”, “what’s the course title?”, “do we have any class today?” They always request for the class time table every day. These ones just want to graduate and focus on their business.

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5. The Class Entrepreneurs:

These ones are the business gurus; their product gets to class even before they get to class. They never miss out on any opportunity to advertise their products in class. They are so convincing that they can talk you to buying their products on credit. They mostly bear names like Tawa, Tope, Sade, Mary, Favour and Titi.

6. The Popular Jingles:

These ones live on ‘vibes and inshallah’. They vibe with anyone and in any situation. They come to you supporting your opinion on how what the class rep did was wrong but you see them in another group supporting their opposite opinion on the same subject. You really don’t want to walk with these people, ‘cos for every two steps they take, they greet 19 people. They are known by both lecturers, senior and junior colleagues. They are mostly honorable or hold a post at the department/faculty level and above all, they end up being your go-to person.


7. Soro Soke FC:

These are the self-appointed panel of judges, always ready to question any thing fishy that goes wrong with the class contributions. These ones are always ready to beat up the class rep if he/she does not make account of the class contribution. They are the deep thinkers of the class, they come out of the blues with questions like “class rep, the 10 naira change from the money we contributed last semester, what did you use it for?”.

What category do you belong?

Guest author Tife Lafe is a Nutrition and dietetics student, content writer, mental health enthusiast, social media manager

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4 replies on “7 types of students you will find in every department in OAU. What category do you belong?”

  • Hbk
    October 26, 2021 at 9:47 am


    • Anonymous
      June 29, 2022 at 1:59 pm

      The walking air 😂

  • Anonymous
    November 1, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    I think I’m Cluelessly Shana😀

  • Anonymous
    November 27, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    Sir walker