Every institution to her own motto. Obafemi Awolowo which was established in the year 1961 was alongside tagged with the motto – “For learning and culture”.

It’s no news that the university has made her way to being one of the top Universities across the nation and also on her way to making a significant number on the top Universities’ list across the globe, as well.

For a higher institution such as this, to have made her way to the top on several lists of the best of its kind among others, she must have certain features that others do not possess.

“Hmnn, it is what it is”

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If you’d ask me what you should expect in this post, certainly none other but to be convinced with the reasons the school was really tagged with the said motto.

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The ‘Great Ife‘ as popularly referred to by many people, a Citadel of knowledge, takes mostly, a bona fide student to speak well of the vitality of the school’s motto.

The motto has served the good purpose of guiding students and workers on the right attitudes to work, learn and serve.

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Subsequently, I will give an enumeration of each of the two adjectives used to qualify the school in her motto:

For learning

Learning never ends’ , this must have been a saying that the school holds on to and plays along with, vastly in every aspects of life. Learning in OAU is not only restricted to academics but also, other aspects such as sport- The school has a very high standard in sports, owning a large scale of land to the popularly known place named ‘sport complex’ where various sporting activities takes place on the school’s campus.

Also, the school recently made the acquisition of vocational skills compulsory for all student, this will aid student’s vast knowledge in other vocation such as tailoring, hair dressing, leather works and a list of others, asides academics.

To further validate this attribute, the main pride of OAU and her students is seen in their academic excellence.

True when people say ‘If you no Sabi read book, no come OAU’, this is to show the extent at which the student of OAU study really hard to perform excellently well in their academics.

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For Culture

Culture – a way of life of a group of people.  Everything certainly hits differently in OAU, one minute you’re in one university and it seems like you have seen it all, the next minute, you arrive at OAU and it seems like you have never stepped into a higher institution.

As funny as that may sound, the students of OAU takes the term ‘culture’ seriously. Take from religion, to the act of making their grievances known in one spirit through peaceful protests ” aluta continua, Victoria ascerta”, to reciting the school anthem like it’s an evergreen lyric, and to many more others that portrays this feature.

It’s always the ‘believer’s meeting’ for me where several fellowships come together to pray as one body for the progress of the school and her students.

That’s why it not an element of surprise, why the prestigious has its mission as “To nurture a teaching and learning community; advance frontiers of knowledge; engender a sense of selfless public service; and add value to African culture’’.

It is worthy of note that the schools’ management place to a high esteem of good dressing, way of speaking and behavioral acts as well. All these contribute to the learning and culture of the university in its specific objective to produce graduate of international standard, with appropriate knowledge and skills in their field of study, who will be highly employable and able to employ themselves.

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One thing is for sure, if there’s one thing you’re good at, OAU is ready to shape the best of your kind out, in due course.

On this note, I leave you with no doubt that OAU, one of the ancient Universities in Nigeria is certainly good at what she does and claims to bring out of her students.

If you’re a student of this great citadel, you’re lucky, and if you’re not, you caught the gist already.



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This piece was created based on the writer’s perception. Feel free to drop relevant remarks in the comment session.

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