Relationship : 10 OAU students shared with us their breakfast experience

As you all know, we started with anonymous experience, now we’re moving to Breakfast Experience.
Love is one of the most beautiful things in life, to love and be loved in return is regarded as a privilege. Breakup is one of the most scary part of every relationship.

Like one of our fathers said, “nah all of us go chop breakfast, just at different intervals”
As you’re about to start reading, bring out your white handkerchief and bucket, because some stories will make you cry.

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1) I think it was all my fault, I was just so stupid to trust a man. Trusted him with my body and later found out he has a girlfriend. Like, main girlfriend. I was just a side It hurts cause he was the first man I had s*3x with. The memories won’t go away, I loved him. He was so real until we had s*3x and he became busy. Lol. I blame myself every day, I can’t seem to forgive myself. It’s a year already and it still hurts like yesterday. He’s still with the girlfriend sha, I was never the one. Guys should please take it easy on hurting innocent girls, it’s so hard to get over. You know that feeling when you’re a very good girl and you end up losing your dignity to a wrong man(as a side chick) lol. It all happened so fast, I was lost. But thank God I’m back now, still broken but better. Not forgetting to tell y’all he was actually broke. Like, high class broke. He’s still broke sha and I don’t pray he makes it. I’ll forgive him when I forgive myself. So, this is the first time I’m sharing this with anyone. It feels like a burden has been lifted. I hope it’ll help me heal faster. Typed this in tears and it’s a year…. It’s so hard to tell anyone about it, I feel so stupid. I HATE MYSELF.

2) So I met this girl during our fresher’s Orientation, same faculty different department, we started talking and emotions were setting in, she was all around me, I was all around her but I was trying to control myself not to hurt her and her feelings cos i get babe for house. Las Las We had a little misunderstanding and I used the opportunity to tell her that am in a relationship with someone back at home, little by little, she started withdrawing herself from me until our conversation finally became cold. Few weeks after, I discovered that the babe at home was cheating on me cos I caught her red-handed, I ended the relationship with her and started chasing the other girl we’re in the same faculty again but things didn’t work out……Naso I chop breakfast at home and lost the other food that was cooking in School

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3) I had this girl I loved in my part 4. She was in part 1. Naturally, everyone believes it’s a scam but… Hmn! We had a thing. She loved me too. It was mad fun. It was natural, fam. I enjoyed it. We both did, I guess. I don’t know. Sha, oya, I’m graduating my dear, let’s formalize this thing. I got the shocker of my life. Mtcheeeewww! I went home, COVID met me there. Nothing else to think about, or keep me busy. Bros, laslas, I did depression therapy o. I swallowed 2 packs of tablets. Hmmn! There is God.

4) We dated for just 5 months, our relationship was amazing until we had a break, on coming back, my guy don change, we were living couple’s life, he had a bestie like that, she would come to his place all the time. One night, nigga woke me up in the middle of the night and told me that if I got pregnant, he would deny it. Naso my eyes clear, I didn’t sleep for like 2 hours, I woke him up too and told him it was over, he started crying, I was perplexed, not knowing that he was crying because he wanted to break up with me instead. Then covid happened, he didn’t even try to be nice, he just called me and said, he has a girl he likes and I’m making it difficult for he to choose between the two of us. That u should choose for him, I just said the girl and he appreciated. I fear guys

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5) As a bloody fresher 2 sessions ago, foolish me didn’t know that you can be super caring, romantic and sweet and still not have a single feeling for the person. I was so certain this guy was in love with me and so I lost my v*3rginity to him. Soon I started seeing him with a certain lady, on a certain day in the night, I saw he and the lady going towards our department toilet, mumu me I followed after, after eavesdropping for a while, I heard the lady m**ning. I was so hurt, the following day, this guy started with the bullshit of I’m a lovely person, I deserve better than him, well he was right about that because I’m with the guy of my dreams now. But that still hurts.

6) Kai! I don chop breakfast tire, sometimes I feel I’m the one with the problem. One thing I’ve learnt is, don’t help any man with your money no matter the condition, especially when he’s a broke man. He’d see you as a competitor rather than a partner. When your dreams are higher than your partner’s, know that person isn’t for you, he’d see you as a threat to him. Don’t mistakenly tell anyone that thinks life after a degree is sweet just because you have a degree, don’t tell that man to dream big. He’d see you as trying to be boss over him. I’m used to breakfast, I just want you all to know that everyone of us will chop breakfast, some of us will have our share midnight, some at the right time, some as lunch and some as dinner. There’s nothing like love, just catch fun abeg

7) I like a guy, we get talking,I’m always looking forward to talking or seeing him ,we have flings but he stops talking to me. Heartbreak wey reach this one I never see. Like 3 guys ooo

8) I actually love this girl really love her deeply cos I taught I’ve seen someone that will be able to listen to me and help my life. I always think of her everyday. I’m probably an introvert and doesn’t like to talk too much especially on phone but I will try and keep up with a long conversation with her. She is an extrovert. We are Planning on meeting each other on campus cos it’s like a long distance relationship. I already had lots of plans and lots of amazing things to do the day I finally meet my girl but all of sudden, she served me breakfast giving excuse about not being consistent in the relationship and I’m actually not complaining about her inconsistency. It’s something we can just solve by talking things out but it seems she is fed up of me. And I get paper the next day I was served the breakfast. Na only God talk say may I loose focus lol buh we move now. Thanks to Movies and football.

9) I have someone I like but he wan knack E pain me chaii Must we knack oooo I am not ready to be in a relationship because I am not ready to have any form of f*rnication.

10) Breakfast here and there, Avoid oau guyyyyssss…wetin my eyes don see ehn

I don’t just understand, is it male or female that chop breakfast the most, because of all these stories, I thought only women eat breakfast oo.
Say after me:
I’ll not chop breakfast!
I’ll not be served breakfast!
I’ll not serve someone breakfast!

To everyone going through heartbreak, we’re sending you heartfelt hugs.

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