MASAAI TRIBE – Their dinning etiquettes will shock you

The Masaai tribe is a tribe that can be found in northern, central, southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. This tribe is known to have one of the weirdest customs and cuisine in the world.

They depend heavily on cattle for nutrition. Their traditional diet consists of six basic foods which include: Milk, Meat, Fat, Blood, Honey and Tree bark. Their needs for food are met by their cattles. Fresh milk is often mixed with fresh cattle blood and at times, blood is also boiled and used in cooking or drinks. Recently, they have grown dependent on food such as sorghum,rice, potatoes and cabbage.

The dinning etiquette of the Masaai tribe include:

• Taking off shoes before entering a Masaai house.
• Bringing small gifts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Alcohol shouldn’t be brought unless you know your guest.
• After a meal, a burp confirms satisfaction.
• Not leaving the dining table unless asked to do so.
• Eating with the right hand.

As of 2019, the population of the Masaai was estimated to be over a million people and they speak their local Maa language.


Also, the monotheistic Masaai worship a deity called Enkai or Engai. However, many Masaai have also adopted Christianity and Islam.

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