5 Greatest Events Of All Times In OAU

Disclaimer: This article is based on personal opinion.

Different activities and events take place almost every day on OAU campus. Many of which have impacted our lives as students of the great citadel of wisdom. We have compiled 5 of which are of great significance and importance over the years. These have left lasting impressions on the minds of most OAU students and won’t be forgotten in a while. They include:

1. July 10

Iwilade George (Afrika)

This day is important to every student of great Ife. It was set aside to remember the heroes that lost their lives during the struggle to end social intimidation and Cultism in OAU.

2. The golden jubilee celebration of OAU

OAU at 60

OAU has been in existence for over 60 years and has achieved a lot. Some of these achievements is a global recognition of research work in OAU, produced among its academia a Noble laureate and six Nigeria National Merit Award winners etc.

3. Lucid experience

Lucid experience

This was organised by Babaforos where Laycon and other artists performed in Oduduwa hall. It brought to life concert in OAU as the pandemic prevented events of similar nature.

4. The protest over the death of a final year student

OAU student protest

It was rumoured that her death was a result of the negligence of the health centre. The protest was held by students because they claimed that a lot of persons have lost their lives for the same reason. The school was shut down by the management during the exam period.

5. Same level since 2019

This is one happening that won’t be forgotten in a hurry due to the amazing factors that contributed to this. The factors are ranging from Pandemic, ASUU strike and OAU slow calendar.

There are many events that we regard as great be it one of sorrow or joy cause it happened for a good cause or to prevent something worse. Feel free to share your opinion on events that you think should be added to this list.


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