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List Of Courses That Humble Freshers First In The Faculty Of Science

One of the numerous things freshmen look forward to is the first day of lecture. It makes them feel like official students from putting on their best clothes and shoes to carrying big bags and new notes all around. Freshmen are welcomed to Obafemi Awolowo University.

The struggle starts mostly with 8 am classes. Getting to lecture theatres before 7 am and meeting it filled like a marketplace and people saying someone who hasn’t woken up has a seat in the lecture theatre already. This is one of the frustrations you face as a welcome party into Africa’s most beautiful campus. Amidst this frustration is some departments announcing their test date after the first lecture. The fear and jittery that befalls you is nothing to talk about here.  There are quite a few and are mentioned below:


Seems like this department is really mean as they’re the same department that will never skip classes even if it rains fire. Every science-related course will have to pass through this department in their first year. The chemistry department announces its test dates after the first lecture. Chemistry doesn’t change dates so you should note this properly. Whatever date you’re told is the correct date. This department is also known for pasting test results on their notice board and it is most likely the first test you’d do on OAU campus. Your shoulders might be dropped after the test as they never carry over humbling students. Chemistry courses for freshers are:

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CHM101 (Introductory Chemistry 1) and CHM103 (Experimental Chemistry). The practical aspect doesn’t require tests and exams though, as all you do in the lab will make up for the 100 marks

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Even with the emergence of online classes, the department under the almighty Yellow House has not failed on carrying on its tradition of announcing its test and exam dates after the first lecture. They also release their results in either a complied PDF or paste it on their notice board. Mathematics courses offered by freshers are:

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MTH101 (Mathematics for engineering students) and MTH105 (Mathematics for biological sciences)


Same White House again, it seems they have their meetings at the same time. While I attended my first lecture, the course coordinator didn’t forget to announce the test date. The Physics department doesn’t calculate their days well at times as their test falls on public holidays at times. They also humble freshmen by pasting their results on their notice board. I guess this is where you need to be careful with your registration number, so your result won’t be the talk of the day because many have the habit of checking other people’s results even before theirs. Physics courses to be offered by freshers include:

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PHY101 (Introductory Physics for engineering students 1) PHY105 (Introductory Physics for biological sciences) and PHY107 (Experimental physics 1). This practical doesn’t require tests and exams too, just put in your best in the laboratory.

From the research so far, it seems freshmen have White House and Yellow House to deal with first. I’m sure you are all anticipating resumption. Tread gently and may the Almighty watch over you all as you travel down to Ile-Ife.

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