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There are different types of roommates you will find in every Nigerian university. Unless your family is the buoyant type that can afford to rent a room for you off-campus, you will probably share a room with both strangers and friends alike.

However, the thing about friends sometimes is that you might love them and be compatible with them when you are not living together but when you move in together, you will find out how incompatible you all are. Sometimes friends can’t live together because of the varying differences in lifestyle. Finding the perfect roommate is harder than finding a unicorn. People aren’t perfect, the way we live differs from the way someone else lives.

Having several roommates could be frustrating at times but these are what make school life interesting. It is no doubt that every OAU hostel is filled with different sets of roommates and there are always these 10 sets of roommates you will find in every hostel.

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1) The spiritual

This type of roommates are the ones you will greet ” Good Morning” and They will reply you with speaking in tongues. They are prayer warriors. They are either holding a position in campus fellowship, they are aspiring to be pastors.

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2) The Book worm

Rotimi stephen

The shanas… Igi iwe“. These are the type that reside in the university library. His/her routine is from hostel to school to library then back to the hostel again. They make it look as if others are unserious.

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3) The Public Figures

These once enh… , They are the ones with a lot of male/female visitors , They are the ones that will invite their numerous friends to over turning the room Into a marketplace. You might be coming out from the bathroom with only your short, pink towel tied around your chest and there’s one of their female/male friend sitting inside the room as if he/she is just waiting for you. You start wondering how to wear your clothes in front of the man/woman. It’s annoying. Of course, he/she’ll deflect and tell you it’s not a big deal.


4) Waka Travellers (The one who is never around)

This one is proper Ijele (waka traveller), This type of roommate is always on the move and never around. He/she shows in once in a blue moon, probably to carry more of his/her stuff and disappear again. This type of roommate is the least troublesome. You don’t have to worry about him/her.

5) The entrepreneur

They are the ones into one kind of business or the other and you don’t know whether you are living in a room or warehouse.

6)Music Addict

They are always listening to one song or the other.if no earpiece, they will put it on a loudspeaker and disturb everybody.

7) Political icons

They are the ones always contesting for one political post and suddenly turning the room into a mini-conference hall. They are like celebrities on campus they create a level of inconveniences but you will benefit from them.


8) Movie Addicts

9)Party Goers

They are always the ones you will see watching one movie or the other 24/7. They can even ignore lectures to finish a movie.

These are the ones that must attend every school party. They will come back the next day with a gist.

10) The Chef:

All these one Sabi cook anything. People who get roommates like this are lucky.

What type of roommate are you? Let us know in the comment section.

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Arowosafe oluwayemisi Yetunde|Student|IOI Scribe and publisher| Novel freak| Fashion designer|lover of korean movies|Dancer

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  1. I was the chef before oau humble me ,to cook sef now become tiring from part3 to the the very end.

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