Goals And Resolutions: 6 Proven Ways To Make A Fresh Start

The year 2021 is now gone and life has to go on with a set of new goals to be accomplished. A lot of us made mistakes in the previous year and are confused about where to pick off from. Well, a fresh start is needed and this does not imply that you change everything about yourself instead let go of things that are of no factor.

1. Pen down your mistakes

Write them out

No human is a total saint. We all have some set of mistakes that we are not proud of and it is not healthy to repeat it this new year. Having a list of these errors will help in decision making.

2. Get rid of pests

I’m not referring to rats or cockroaches here and I’m sure you won’t like to repeat those previous mistakes. Well, it’s time to get rid of anything annoying or destructive around you.

3. Set your goals

Writing visions down in a simple and workable format is important. It will enable you to move through this year with direction.

4. Have an accountability partner


We tend to do things anyhow if we have no one to report to. An accountability partner helps keep one in check and correct a person when goals are being neglected.

5. Learn to smile


There is a relaxing feel that comes with a smile. People are attracted to one that is approachable thereby a tool to making new friends.

6. Try something new

There is always no harm in trying. Instead of wishing you knew how to do a thing why don’t you try doing it and see how it turns out.

This year has a lot in store for all those that are willing to do things differently from last year. One can’t rely on his/her strength and therefore God is needed.

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