The university management had set a Panel to investigate the allegations made against students during the October 1 protest.
After a long while the Panel finally gave a result for the protest. Thereby making the university management send a query letter to one Mr Israel Bolade Omoyeni, who was a part 4 dramatic arts student during the protest.

The letter goes thus:

Dear Mr Omoyeni,

The Vice Chancellor has received and considered the report of the panel set up to investigate the students’ protest on Friday, 1st October, 2021. The Vice Chancellor noted the findings of the panel which indicated that you, Israel Bolade Omoyeni being a student of the University, violated the code of conduct for the university community and the students’ handbook of General Information of the university, by:

  1. Making unfounded and false allegations against the university authority and officers that the later Miss Aishat Omowunmi Adesina’s death was caused by the negligence of the staff of the University Health Centre.
  2. Inciting students to violence by making false allegations against the University authorities in respect of the death of Miss Aishat Omowunmi Adesina and the facilities of the University Health Centre.
  3. Jointly with other students and other unidentified persons barricading the Ife-Ibadan Road, the Ife-Ede Road and Asherifa Road (Old Ife-Ibadan Road) in Ile-Ife for hours on Friday, 1st October, 2021.
  4. Obstructing vehicular and pedestrian movements on the University campus on Friday, 1st October, 2021 when you jointly with other students and other persons barricaded roads on the University campus at Ile-Ife.
  5. Pelting, and or participating in pelting university officers, including the Public Relations Officer of the University at the material time, with sachets of water.
  6. Being insubordinate to university officers, including the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Student Affairs and the Public Relations Officer when you refused, failed and or neglected to obey the Directive that you desist from your act of obstructing the roads on campus and public highways aforementioned; and
  7. Destroying University properties by breaking the gates of Muritala Muhammad Hall (Postgraduate Hall) on the University campus and disrupting the Hall week then going on thereat.

The above allegations/findings are contrary to rules and regulations of the university. In particular your matriculation oath, the code of conduct for the university community and the Students’ Handbook on General Information. You are hereby directed to explain in writing, within forty-eight hours of the service of this query on you, why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for your conduct aforementioned.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
M.I Omosule (Mrs.)
Registrar and Secretary to Council.

Mr Israel Bolade Omoyeni is not the only student to receive this letter, a report has it that about 16 students got this same letter, but his letter seems to be the one going viral.

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