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Fun & Facts


You’ve been at OAU for a while now and somehow everyone can tell that you’re a fresher. It even might feel like you got a poster man written across your forehead that says “I am definitely a fresher”.

Are you wondering about how we always know without even asking? Here are the top 4 giveaways:

1. You Always Look Lost

Freshers on campus are like novices and easily recognizable because they move around like lost sheeps. This is the first thing that give you away as a fresher. It’s either you are walking around with files or asking people around about where you are going to. You also take bike to nearby places where you can just easily trek to, a lovely path towards sapa. Undeniably, OAU is big and you shouldn’t stop asking for directions just because we’ve called you out for it.

2. We Catch You Surveying Africa’s Most Beautiful Campus When You Should Be In Class.

Freshers are usually seen checking buildings like strangers and trying to know their names. We will see you spend 30 minutes walking around campus because you can’t find a class. When you finally find it, you walk in late tired, sweating and out of breath from running around, and realize you read your schedule wrong and this class only meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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3. You Have A Wolf Pack

You travel in packs afraid of getting lost or being alone on campus. Every fresher’s number one fear as “the new kid” is being alone or probably because you have heard some scary news about a place on campus. Therefore, when we sight a pack of students walking together, we accurately guess that they are freshmen. Ironically, stalites can often be seen walking alone because they aren’t worried about this image. PS: Safety is key. If you feel safer walking in a group, do it.

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4. Classes Excite You

OAU freshers at 6am

One of the common ways we spot a fresher is when we see them running to classes and arriving 30 minutes before lectures start especially those science students. There are 10 people crowded around the entrance to a classroom waiting anxiously for the class before them to let out. It’s a good bet to assume the class they are awaiting for is an introductory level class and that we have found the overzealous freshmen who are terrified of being late, or just have yet to understand how long it takes them to arrive to class. It could be hilarious sometimes. You attend all classes and spend most of your days in the library. Awon shanas…igi iwe.


We know it is a workload trying to fit into the school system, but you will surely find your way round it. We are still very glad to have you around.
Welcome to OAU!

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