Back To School Essentials: First Semester Vibes In OAU

Beginning a new session can be overwhelming. A lot of events happen every first semester that engage student attention and interest. This is a period of increase both in level, fellowship members and an opportunity to top your game. Some first semester vibes in OAU are:

1. Resolutions

The best way to start a new session is by making new rules to live by and letting go of things that weighed you down. It can be very difficult to keep to these resolutions as a person can decide to pursue an A grade in a particular course but one girl/ boy somewhere or school operations can be the game-changer. A release of results can also alter these resolutions as people get discouraged to work hard when their previous hard work led to a terrible grade. Settling for less won’t take you anywhere dust of the setbacks and be keen on your new goals.

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2. Morning devotions

Most especially if you stay in the hostel get ready to be woken up by different fellowships urging you to go out for devotion. When you step out, you will see different fellowship representatives urging that you join theirs. When lectures start it will come to an end just endure and don’t be lazy, go out and pray .There is no harm in starting your day with prayers to the one who kept you alive.

3. Tutorials

“We would explain to you more than those lectures, you think they have time to be explaining”  says (bro/sis A) from that fellowship. Well it would barely last for a month at the beginning of the semester and it is free so enjoy it while it lasts. Tutorials from private individuals also exist and if you are not good at a particular course, I would say you go for it and don’t expect it to be free. Not everyone dedicates time to something free.

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4. Freshers party

Organised in different departments. The sole purpose of this is to relax, have fun and get to know your coursemates. People are not forced to attend this because, at the mention of the availability of food, the crowd must gather. It is called freshers party but you see those stalites , they will come to take over the party.

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5. Catch them young

This is one period that most stalite enjoy cause they get the opportunity to get new relationship partners. They dump their former lovers for newbies. It all starts by acting all nice, giving bits of advice and playing the role of a guardian angel. They can even turn to monitoring spirit on top your case. Don’t give anyone room to act domineering over you and be clear on your boundaries.

A lot of vibes happen every first semester on OAU campus. Feel free to drop your opinions on some of the major happenings on campus at the beginning of every session.

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