Are you interested in decluttering, cleaning and organizing your bedroom for a perfect sleeping space? Are you tired of entering your tiring cluttered, stuffy, messy, disorganized room? You think this is not the best of your room? Yes, it’s high time for a change therefore follow these expert tips and take control over your room.

It’s mostly common especially for students bedroom to become a dumping ground for laundry and miscellaneous items why? Probably because it’s the last place visitors get to see but it shouldn’t be because the bedroom is a place designed for relaxation and retreat after a busy day on campus and a well organized bedroom gives you tranquility,a serene atmosphere to relax and regain strength. Also most times dreams are reflections of the environment you sleep. Does this remind you of some of your dreams?

Now, it’s time to get started trust you are motivated to start here are the three tips to follow to help you achieve your desires.


Does it sound weird? Try it anyway. It does something to your psychology ( mind) when you think about the best you can turn your room into, it makes you uncomfortable with the current state of your room thus propelling you to action. Set some few minutes and think about the best your room will look like, the position of the items in your room and the posture of your valuables.

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Set aside a specific time of the day you will be free from serious engagements then stick ardently to the time and today is the best time to get started. Divide your bedroom into five ( 5)sections in order of decluttering namely;

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  • The wardrobe and chest of drawers corner
  • The bedside table, bookshelf and cabinet corner
  • The shoe racks corner
  • The Bedding and bed space.
  • Corner for other accessories items.


Get five (5) different bags or baskets, boxes or containers for the following functions;

(I). The Get Away bag

This is to place any and everything that you do not need, the trashes In your room, papers, glasses and other unuseable items dispose them inside this bag and get rid of them permanently and it will surprise you how spacious your room will look.

(II) The Get Amended Bag;

This bag is for your valuables ( clothes, shoes, etc) that are useful to you but are not in good shape, place them in this bag for easy access when you want to repair them, search through all the sections in your room and look for this items.

(III) The Get For Others Bag

The use of this bag is to get those things that are still in good shape but you don’t need, items you have not used for the last two years, give it out for others you can go deliver to the orphanage or any charity foundation, simply you are blessing life and contributing to your community.

(IV) The Get For Sale Bag

This will be for the items that you don’t need again but are still in the best place you can gather those movies cassettes, unused equipment and sell them out, it will clear more space for better things to come into your room and also in the process of decluttering you are getting rewards in cash.

( V) The Get Aside Bag

Lastly, the purpose of this bag is to help you reallocate your most needed valuable since you have disposed of the unneeded luggage you have, you arrange your clothes neatly in your wardrobe giving priority to the ones you use most at the frontier of your closets, you make your beddings as comfortable and beautiful as possible, you arrange your shoes and organize your other needed accessories.

Conclusively, make your doorway as clear as possible, make the floors well swept and neatly fixed. Follow these tips and you will get a bigger, better, beautiful room to behold.

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