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It is Fatherhood movie review o’clock.

Fatherhood is a 2021 American comedy-drama which lasted for 1 hour 49mins.

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Lead cast: Starring:  Kevin Hart (Matt Logelin);

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Melody Hurd (Maddy Logelin); Alfre

Woodard (Marion); Lil Rel

Howery (Jordan); DeWanda

Wise (Swan);  Anthony Carrigan (Oscar);  Frankie R. Faison (Mike);  Paul Reiser (Howard).

Writer: Matthew Logelin, Dana Stevens.

Director: Paul Weitz

Screenplay: Paul Weitz, Dana Stevens.

Producers: Marty Bowen, Kelvin Hart, David Beaubaire, Peter Kiernan.

Release date: June 18, 2021

State: United States

Editor: Jonathan corn

Language: English

Distributor: Netflix

Note: This review is based on the writer’s discretion

Truth be told, Fatherhood is an emotional movie but it still doesn’t change the fact it is a comedy movie.

The cast was perfect, especially little Maddy Hurd and I can’t deny the fact that Kelvin Hart did excellently well with the role of a widowed father of an infant. It is emotional but superb, from the love, cares, tears, plays to changing of diapers etc. It is a must-watch movie for all. It does not contain any awkward scenes.


In summary, Fatherhood is a drama where a father brings up his baby daughter alone after the sudden death of his wife, who died immediately after childbirth. He faced difficulties, struggles and obstacles. Also, not so many people believed he could cope on his own but he did excellently well. He gave everything to his daughter. Talk about the chemistry between Kelvin Hart and his daughter, it is all about love.

Normally, parents teach the little ones lessons in life but it is nice to see little Maddy also teaching her father. She is my favourite character in the movie. she is cute, adorable, funny and fascinating.

I really love the movie despite its simple plot, it really presents the difficulties of single parenting and how society, family and friends react to such situations. Great performances and it is a strong story.

Movie rating:8/10

It is a great comedy-drama where the actors and the actresses gave an incredible performance and it is well placed. So if you have not watched fatherhood, you should go watch it now. It is a must-watch for everyone. Go and watch, you will thank me later.


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