As you all know, just like Nigeria is a country, WhatsApp is also a country on its own, there are different people on this app, now let’s go on;

1. Worshippers

Every day they wake up, Alhamdulillah, Up and grateful, have you said your morning adhkars, thank you Jesus for this new day, thank God for the gift of life, for the gift not promised yesterday, we bless you God.

2. Haters geng

Everyday of life, fuck haters, they thought I wouldn’t make it, my enemies must see me grow, enemies be doing worse, haters here, enemies there.


The Come and buy from me set of people, always posting, why have you not patronized me today, refer me to your friends, we grow by helping each other grow, ask for my graphics and BC nah, my DM is open, swipe up and patronize me.

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4. The PRs/TVs

The 20k referral contest people, please block me from viewing your statuses, I’ve not been able to post since morning, the traffic on this app is too much, for advertisement swipe up, 2k views in 30mins.

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5. Ones with many messages

I’ll respond to all messages soon, within 12hrs 506messages, I’m tired fams, we go again tomorrow.

6. The Rich geng

Out with my girls, going for a lunch date, wow! Someone just credited me with 200k without asking, need to change my wardrobe, I made it this far because I didn’t give up.

7. The poor geng

Please comman sub for me, I have not eaten since morning, who will sponsor me, lemme drop my account number, someone please credit me, helpers please locate me.

8. The Yahoo daughters

With iPhone, different zaddies, zinoes, pappy everyday, thank you for today zaddy, can’t wait to see you zino, daughter loves you pappy, chilling with pappy.

9. Serious ones

They don’t upload status, the day they’ll upload, it’s happy new year and they go blank again till the next year.

10. Memers

We’re here to make you happy, all the memes from Twitter and Facebook is always on their status, all the funny videos, you’ll never miss them on their statuses.

11. Story Tellers

I know I fall here, we come on this space to narrate our whole day adventure, rant and say whatever we feel/see.

12. Alhajis/Alhajas

These ones are Friday/Ramadan Muslims, once it is 12am on Friday, jumu’ah Mubaarak, don’t forget your suratul kahf, posting different Qur’an verses and Islamic musics.

13. The Pastors/Pastresses

On Sundays, they’d post cross, Bible verses, did you go to church today, thank God it’s Sunday.

14. Love Birds

Different captions everyday, good morning for the love of my life, goodnight from this beautiful side of the world.

I hope you can relate to at least 8 of these people, kindly include yours in the comment section.

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One reply on “14 Set Of People On The Green App: A Thread”

  • Anonymous
    June 21, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    That’s was amazing 😌
    I find most of those you mentioned related to me 😅😅😅