“Breakfast” is a natural phenomenon in the world, as lovers which are intoxicated and deeply in love always eat breakfast as it ends in tears because not all relationships will lead to marriage.

It is a normal thing to eat or be served “breakfast” as most people do not understand the context of love, after all the enjoyable love affairs, then the shocker comes up of they not being able to continue the relationship, tears will roll down their cheeks like a mighty torrent. Some will feel like killing themselves. Not all relationships will lead to marriage. It’s normal. It’s meant to be like that. Some relationships must be broken. It must be broken!!! Some relationships are for memory sake and nothing more but most people make a mistake by thinking that the relationship they enter into must not break. It is a norm to eat breakfast. Na national cake…
It is natural to happen. Everyone can relate in some way to the great sadness, as “breakfasts” are disheartening as it turns one’s life upside down. There’s a reason love songs are written during breakups, they’re really brutal. Hearts FEEL broken.
Here are the reasons you should eat breakfast:

1. It calls for freedom

There is a frightening situation that makes people stay in a relationship which is fear of loneliness. I understand because the world is set up for couples. We often focus on this fear rather than focusing on the many positive and advantageous aspects of being single.
You get to focus only on your own needs.
You don’t have to fight over what is not.
You can eat and drink whatever and whenever you like.
You can stay out as long as you like or stay home as much as you like.
You can go to bed whenever you choose and sleep on whatever side you want to.
You can cook whatsoever you wish to eat. This is so good, believe me.
You can play whatever music you like as much as you like and as loud as you like.
You can flirt whenever and with whomever you choose to. It can be fun.

2. It changes your view of life

Yes, you might feel so wounded and vow never to go into a relationship. That’s all quite normal after being served breakfast. I’d also like you to change your language and perspective around the break up. We often say things like “I lost my relationship” This is all negative talk we speak at the end of the relationship. I repeat, healthy, happy relationships don’t end. I want you to change your self-talk to something like; “We did well, we put in a lovely five years and we have some wonderful and pleasant memories”, rather than emotionally blackmailing the person or tearing the person down.
However, one tends to know the value of relationships because for instance: most ladies chop breakfast because most guys take relationships to sexually satisfy themselves. After getting what they want the guys have the urge to break up with the lady. Most guys don’t value relationships, they see it as a dumping ground, with that the lady chop breakfast. However, the guy serves the lady breakfast after satisfying himself sexually. Most ladies serve guys breakfast as they go into a relationship with a guy that is rich and well-to-do. They have the intention of eating up the money of the guy. After being satisfied, they decide to serve the guy breakfast. With all these, you learn from it and change your perspective about relationships.

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3. It Returns The Lost Focus

It’s essential to know that we can live as fully whole human beings. Loving yourself is the most amazing and beautiful thing you can do to yourself. This can take time. You might have lots to work through, but this is lovely. Focusing on working on yourself is important. If and when you choose to be in another relationship you then go in with a mindset that this relationship compliments your already full life. Trust me, you will enjoy it. You make explore. Being alone can be a wonderful and positively selfish time.

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4. It Creates Opportunity For Learning

It’s times like these that we truly get a glimpse into who we are and see evidence of our resilience and strength. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life.
You have to trust that you will look back at this time and see that you were on a journey. Ever wanted to move cities? Now might be the time. Change jobs? Go back to study? Do the work. It will pay off.. Clothe yourself never to be weighed down by the breakfast but rather maximise the opportunity to become successful. Put your time into something productive.

5. It Helps To Welcome Change

Staying stagnant is not good. What growth comes from that? We grow and become more insightful and much more self-aware when we take the time to be alone. We need to look at this time as a gift. Go on, unwrap it, enjoy.

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