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Incase you haven’t heard the Sapa on OAU campus, “as dem dey talk follow who know road”.

Water is crucial to everyone and water is life, the value of protection and manufacturing expenses continues going up as each day passes by.

This expense has resulted in the hike in price of sachet water, popularly known as “Pure Water” in Nigeria. The association of Table Water Producers has multiplied the charges of the bag of sachet water to a specific fee, which caused small scale business owners increase the cost of a sachet water.

Before now a bag of sachet water used to be within the range of N150 to N180 however now it is in the range of N250 to N300. According to the manufacturers, there is an increase in the rate of materials for the manufacturing of sachet water and different materials that no longer permits them to maintain the usual price.

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About 5 people staying in Ife and Ogun state shared their opinion on the cost of sachet water in their area.

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1. Oyebamiji Faidat

Faidat who is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, living around Lagere, Ile Ife said “a bag of sachet water costs N230” in her vicinity and she sounds really pissed about it., she went ahead by saying “what they’re doing isn’t fair……..Dem no get joy“.

“Where do they expect us to be seeing such amount every single time, especially for someone who get dehydrated easily.” For this Osun State sun Lol…..

  1. Angola kings and Mozambique Queens

Angola kings and Mozambique queens aren’t smiling about the price of a bag of sachet water on campus. They are amazed if it is done purposely due to the fact it is a school environment, a bag of sachet water now costs N250. Earlier this year, students, especially freshers complained that the same bag of sachet water was sold N300 when they just resumed on OAU campus.

3. Adeyemo Samuel

A student who stays in Angola hall said: ” I first got broke from buying pure water” which sounds hilarious as I keep wondering if sachet water is meant to make a student go broke. He buys a bag of sachet water for N250.

4. Akinola Olanrewaju

A student who stays in the same room as Samuel got interested and said “na who dey buy pure water dey complain” he takes the bore-hole water provided by the hall coordinators to the student.

Won’t the excessive price of sachet water make people take water that would cause water-borne disease?

pure water scaled

While some areas complain about the high price of sachet water some areas still enjoy the price of sachet water at the rate of N150.

5. Adeyemo Adebusuyi who is from Lusada Ogun State sound relieved about the price of a bag of sachet water is sold in his vicinity back home which is N150 and sold for N10 per sachet, at the same time pissed due to the fact he’s a student on OAU campus and buys sachet water higher than that. “Be like say I go dey convey water from Lusada come dey sell for Angola” He said.

Below are tweets from some OAU students:

1. Ayanfeoluwa “I was about to buy malt when i remembered it’s the price of a bag of pure water, mo ya dapada(i returned it)”.

Twitter image

2. SolonskyLight “As this campus big reach, with rich ladies and gentlemen, make person no fit see N50 for floor use buy water inside this sapa”

Twitter image

Is the excessive increase in price of sachet water due to selfish interest or do the sellers have no choice?
Drop your opinion in the comment section.

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