OAU Students are exceptional set of people as they depict unique attitudes which are best known to them. OAU students can be funny, shy and saucy depending on events because truly it’s not easy to attend one of the best Universities in Nigeria. OAU Students are spectacular and portray several attitudes during events. We are about to embark on the Journey of getting pointers on how to recognize OAU Students in an event. These are unique characteristics that makes them stand out and can also make them the center of attention in events.

1. Appearance

I am not saying other universities don’t dress oo, but forget, OAU student dey command respect for event. Even when they talk, they talk sense, you’d barely see OAU Students in event misbehave, no, they must appear well. Most times, people believe they’re proud because they hardly mingle with people in events, they are reserved till it is necessary.

2. Intellectualism

OAU Students no too dey show, but when it comes to intelligent discussions, them no dey carry last, they’d argue with proof and show other institutions to be in Great Ife isn’t easy. In every competition, they aim for the best, attend inter-versity competition, you’ll be forced to ask which school it is.

3. Aroism

We know they can be reserved but the spirit of Aro follows OAU students everywhere, shout of the Greatest Nigerian students too much and hear Noooo! We don’t want! Don’t take it to heart, they’re only kidding, it’s their way of catching fun.

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4. Noisy

OAU Students can be really noisy too, they like to be recognized in events, any small thing, they’ll shout of the Greatest Ife, I’ve attended an event where they were warned to stop else they’ll be disqualified, that’s how worse they can be, their anthem is like gold too, after looking around properly, you’d just hear Great Ife, Great Ife, Africa’s most beautiful campus…….

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5. Jovial

As much as they love to move together in events, they’re easy to associate with students from other universities, probably because they’d be proud to say I’m this from Obafemi Awolowo University, just kidding, but they’re really jovial in events, if you see any school associating with others very quickly, guess, it might be Great Ife.

There are other ways to recognize Great Ife students, but the most obvious and simple ones have been mentioned above. Attend an event and watch out for how Great Ife students will behave.

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