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Well, as you all know, one of the skills to have as a Nigerian is broke skills, because SAPA is real, especially now that the economy has lost its value. As a student, if you cannot control your urge and be disciplined, nah everytime Sapa go dey catch you, anyways, IOI has proffered a solution to this above Sapa problem.

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Sit back and enjoy how 15 OAU Students Share their worse Sapa experience.

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1. Just recently, sapa really caught me to the extent that I had to follow one of my friend all the way to Angola to go and be referring people to palmpay just so I could get some cash… Something that I would never do on a normal day.. lol.

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2. “In fact nah big Sapa catch me Nah garri and groundnut I dey chop Since last week”

3. That was how Sapa took me that day that I had to trek from Eleyele Lagere to Campus for LIB exam. Omoo, I almost fainted that day ooo in the exam Hall. Thank God for one of my friend that helped.

4. Okayyy my worst Sapa experience on OAU campus (also my worst in my entire life tho) Okay so it was around last year July, shortly after I came back from home, for second semester. My Dad had little financial issues, so getting to find out I decided to manage the little money I had left with me because he was yet to send my foodstuff and provisions money, so I literally didn’t have foodstuff at home. I stayed at home for a whole week, after the little money I had on me finished. I had nobody to call, I drank Garri and sugar for 3 whole days, then ate biscuits the remaining time. It worsened as I am and ulcer patient and also an Asthmatic patient. I got so lean that my neighbors noticed, then I finally opened up to a friend that decided to give me 5k. Then after that my Dad called and told me things were settled already then sent me more than enough money and since then, I’ve never been that broke again up till date. During that course, I was praying too.

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5. Lol, my part 1 days was like hell. I would be on garri diet for 5 days straight, not the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule, it was just whenever I felt hungry. This particular day I had no salt, no pepper, no maggie, just jollof rice seasoning. I legit poured this thing into my one cup of rice and cooked, I ate this rice with no fecking taste and drank water. I’m in Part 4 now, the story’s changed lmao..

6. Sapa is reaaaaal!!!!!!!!!, I have stories go tell, but no be now.

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7. As a fresher I never know how Sapa dey be, I drank garri day and night for six days after lavishing my money, omo I have learnt my lesson to spend money wisely for OAU

8.  It happened last year or so, my toothpaste got exhausted so I went to another room to have some very early in the morning. As I entered the room I stood by the door approaching the guy I know in that room, not knowing the bulb switch very close to my cheek was exposed that’s how I got electrocuted for like 4 to 6 seconds, it was so swift. The other guys in the room were laughing at me telling thank God the stuff was a DC current not AC current

9. When I was managing gas and I first soaked my beans in water so that it would just need like 20 minutes to cook

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10. Everybody will just be shouting Sapa Sapa without really experiencing it. There are levels to this shit sha have you ever tried taking garri with Maggi?

11. I remember back in Moro, during my PD days. SAPA held me so tight, then this devilish but saving idea got me through. I went to the mart like I had money, bought all the snacks I needed and gave them my card, asking to use the POS to pay, knowing there was no money in it, when it showed insufficient balance,I always lied that it was bank network and asked them to keep my card, so I can come back later. I only went back whenever money entered the account. This approach saved me from future hunger. SAPA ehnn, but we thank God for God, He has been good”

12. Bought materials with my money and used my emergency cash to replace my roommate’s blown extension. The ungrateful girl threw the extension back at me and I had to eat garri and eba without stew for the rest of the week

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13. My worse Sapa experience was while I was in part 3, omoooooo, like a week straight, I no get #5 for hand, I literally look at the ground to see if I’d find money, then I had to drink hostel colored water, I’ll pour it inside an orange cup so my roommates doesn’t know I’m drinking a colored water. Thank God for life Sha, Sapa is real oo.

14. Sapa don catch me, my foodstuff don finish for like a month now, I just dey do 001, 101, 001, 011, thank God for my roommate that saves me at times, e possible make I don die. Lol

15. This current increase in tfare really affect me oo, I don’t collect tfare from home, only pocket money, spending #500 on tfare isn’t easy, any money that enters like this, half goes on tfare. Sapa has visited me and built a room with me.

Well, I know fully well you have a worse Sapa experience, but you’ve refused to share. Anyways, another experience is here!!!!

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