OAU Campus is unarguably Africa’s most beautiful campus , not only is it Africa’s most beautiful Campus but one of the universities in Africa with the most beautiful students . “Argue with your keypad” .

Even though we know OAU is tagged as “striker of the year , a school were a 4 year course is naturally 6-8 years , we will still forever make it clear that obafemi Awolowo University remains the most beautiful university across Nigeria .

The beauty evolves from the buildings to the roads; the environment itself is simply something deserving of applause.

Inside OAU Innovations in partnership with The Trybe City Technology Limited recently launched a media initiative with a team consisting of photographers , cinematographers & TV crews , so therefore expect many more amazing concepts.

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For this week , Team Iconic captained by Chidumeme Franklin took to the street of OAU and will be gracing your screen with beautiful portraits of OAU students they randomly took on the streets.

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Amidst the very beautiful students scattered across the length and breadth of Obafemi Awolowo University , here are the Top 6 beautiful most beautiful street portrait of the week . Wait till you get to the list before you raise your objections;

1) Olaitan

It’s not everyday that you meet a work of art breathing and walking the same grounds as you.
That’s olaitan, a work of art that makes you want to frame her the moment you meet her and put it in the safest museum .
She’s a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University.
Beautiful, Smart and Amazing Lady she is!

IG – @its_Racheal_O

2) Sefunmi

Sefunmi is a part one student of psychology . Her smile is one of the prettiest we have seen around ogba Femi .
Sometimes it feels like the sun is jealous of the radiance her smile brings. Incase we didn’t mention, Sefunmi is Single!😀

Instagram – @s.e.f.i._

3) Emmanuel

We wonder if emmanuel’s middle name is summer because he looks so hot . Here is Emmanuel! , Omo to shatashataa😂 , he is a student of Geography;
Emmanuel is not just good looking , he’s as easy going as he looks and his vibes are second to none.

IG: @dononeOfficial

4) Seyi

And then there’s seyiii, you know the feeling when you meet someone and you’re instantly magnetized to them?
Yhup..that’s what happened with Seyi, an accounting student of OAU.
She’s absolutely pretty and just as amazing to be around too
And like the word on her shirt, the “moments” we spent with her were laced with gold.

5) John

This is John and I bet you can already tell, he’s the life of the party kind..when he steps in a room, it suddenly comes alive .
Rumor has it that John passed by a cemetery once and the whole place came alive 😏..you don’t believe? Yeah well ask Him yourself. He’s a student of Chemistry Education

IG – @joh_nny24

6) Dominic

Finally, meet Dom! Short for Dominic. A student of Material Science
People call him the ladies man and I guess you can see why.
If you’re looking for a man, you just might have come to the right place..Dom’s your guy!!!!

IG – @dom_brown_xx

That’s how the day went! Now really you can tell that OAU is beyond the trees and the flowers.
Inside it lies true beauty and splendors; Great ife students are really amazing!
You can tell

We’ll be calling it a day here.
This is Team Iconic! Powered by Trybe City Media
Join us Next Week as we bring to you the unheard and unseen of OAU campus! We will be storming the street next week for some more amazing concept , Do you want us to feature you next week then E nsure you join our whatsapp channel via the button below and follow us on all media platforms – @insideoaumedia & @trybecity to get updates on our movements. Don’t forget to always do it with Trybe .

📸- Kehinde John Temitayo .

Kehinde John Temitayo is a photographer for Trybe City media representing Team Trybe Iconic , He is currently a 300level student of the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, OAU. He is a professional photographer with the Brand name ‘Tykehinde’. He loves to capture amazing moments and contribute to the media aspect of my society using his skills.

Other crew members who made this possible are :

  1. Chidumeme Franklin
  2. Fasanmi Blessing Pamilerin
  3. John Grace
  4. Adewoyin Odunayo
  5. Oladiti Oluwajobalayemi
  6. Osigwe Elizabeth
  7. Ajibode Bright Olufunto

A big shout out to team iconic for this amazing concept , you can follow team Trybe iconic on IG via – @trybecityiconic

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