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10 funny superstition we believe as a kid

Superstition is an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.We all have one superstitious notion or the other that we all believe as a kid.Nollywood too didn’t help matter at all,those people ehn.The funny thing is that some people still believe those notion even as an adult.For some of us we now know that superstitions are not true and cannot happen while some people some are true.For me I will say our parents and elder ones that do tell us superstition notion then have use bread to take our stew (lol).I will say the reason reason for superstition is to give us good moral etiquette.Lets see some of the funny superstitions we believe as a kid below.

1)The biggest of them all is the superstition that says“If you pick money on the ground you will turn to goat”,how? We all know that is a lie,it is just to teach you that picking money is not good,it is an etiquette.It is bad to pick what is not yours on the ground,the owner might be looking for it.I wonder why they didn’t just tell us that picking money on the ground is bad rather than installing fear in us,but I guess some of us won’t have obey if that clause was not there.If I pick money on the ground,I can’t turn to goat it is just their own way of teaching home training.

2)They say when you swallow orange seed,it will grow on your head infact this one applies to all seed.They tell you some will grow in your stomach while some will grow on your head.I remember swallowing a seed one time.It was God’s grace that I didn’t vomit my intestine out,I didn’t want any seed to grow on my head.Since then I lost count of how many seeds I have mistakenly swallowed,my people none has grow on my head.This particular belief was a torture.

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3) Another epic one is that once a girl child reached adolescence stage, especially when girl child start menstruation.If a boy should touch her,she will get pregnant.This actually made me laugh,I mean how? It was later I understand that it is just a moral principle to control the behavior of the girl child,to stay away from guys sexually.This is actually a very funny one,I remember when my elder sister told me her own story,she said she will tell any guy that wants to talk to her then to stay at arm’s length.She didn’t allow any guy to touch her till she understands better.Someone else alseo shared her experience,she said she do stay away from guys untill it was during sport one time and alot of guys touched her.She said cried ehn,she wrote all the names of guys that touched her during sport down.She took it home and tell her mummy that she didn’t know who impregnated her out of all of them,her mother laughed at her and now explain better to her,a very funny experience.

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4)When there is a lightening God is snapping us to show us when we get to heaven.Omoooo,I fell for this one.Anytime there is lightening then,I use to run outside so that I can be caught on camera.You know inside is always dark,but outside I will show well.I remember I saw an online user saying when there is lightening,she will quickly pause and smile.We have been deceived gan o.

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5)They told me Taiwo and Kehinde are deities.I believed o, anytime I see twins I use to watch them in admiration because I thought they were gods.They do say if you are nice to them,they will bring you riches but if you are mean to them,you are on your own.I also heard that if you don’t like them and you are mean to them,you will give birth to them.

6) There is also this funny one that when you lose a tooth,you should pick seven Stone and throw it on the roof of your house.It will go up and meet God,then He will give you another lovely tooth.We were told we must do it to every one that remove,if not that tooth will not grow.It is a lie jhor it will grow.

7)There is this birds that flocks together,we call it “leke leke”.They said leke leke will give me white fingers,poor me will sing and sing any time I see them.Till today,my nails are still not white.

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8)If you take garri after eating Mango,you will die of stomach ache.I should not lie,I should not steal,I have never tried it before in my life.I don’t want to die (lol), even though I now know it is not true that it is superstition,I still didn’t try it.Because they made it sound so true infact there was a song for it then.

9)I remembered when I was young and asked how I was born,they said I fell from the heaven.I was surprised and how come.They said everyone fell from the sky.I was so young and dumb,I believed.

10)I was told if I whistle at night,I’m calling evil spirit to our house,some people were told it is ghost they are inviting to their house.

These are not all,we have many more that are not mentioned.Is it that the moon follow us everywhere we go or the one that says if we sit on the stone we will be short.Which of those superstitious notions caught you,which of them did you fell for.Write it in the comment section,yours may not even be part of the ones written above.

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Olamide Adekola is a writer, diplomat, fashion designer ,a serial volunteer and of course a Korean movie lover😄. Be strong,hang in there it will soon be over🤗

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  1. Nice write up. I’m a twin and I felt good when my friends admired me for that story of twins having some super natural powers😹

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