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Throwback Thursday: 9 Hairstyles That Made Our Mothers Attractive

Hairstyles are one of the things that makes us look attractive, both the male and female gender, imagine when your bae just make her hair, she looks more beautiful as the hairstyle made her more beautiful, the same way your boo looks really good when he just cuts his hair. However, civilization has taken quite a number of hairstyles from us. Well, while taking your memory down the lane, this is another challenge, send one of these to your boyfriend, fiancee, husband or sugar daddy and tell them you’re making this hairstyle next, screenshot the chat and drop below. Get your zobo and popcorn as you go through these hairstyles.

DISCLAIMER: These hairstyles were given names based on how they look

1. Kiko

Kiko is a popular name for hairstyles made with our popular thread called rubber, just look how beautiful it is, if you visit a well-trained hairdresser she’d make this perfect beaut for you.

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2. Heavenly King

Not sure I got the correct name, but heavenly King has shuku, base and all back, in that case, I don’t know what this is called. But with your natural hair you can do this in Didi, so your scalp comes and trust me with our current hairdressers, it would be beautiful.

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3. Ipako Elede

This should be more than ipako Elede, it looks really longer, well, our popular shuku has many styles under it, one of it is this that shows your backhead popularly known as “ogo”

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4. Basket

From the look sef, you can easily call it basket or headgear, I don’t know if that is correct, but from the look, it should be one of these. I can imagine putting this under hijab, Omooo, it’s beautiful Sha.

5. Thread Braid

This can be made with either our rubber thread or wool, whichever way, it looks really beautiful.

6. Local Dread

This looks like our dread, you can’t afford the normal dread? Meet your hairdresser to do something like this for you.

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7. Pineapple

I remember those days when pineapple was called as hairstyle of the week, seems the world has forgotten about this style that made our head looked really small.

8. Jagajaga

I called this jagajaga because I really don’t know what else to call it. This must have cost a lot of time and strength, because omoo, it looks good sha

9. Shade Adu

Just look at the scalp, when last did you make hairstyle that showed your scalp, any small thing wig, weavon, attachment, you no dey rest? My friend common make shade Adu

You must be really amazed swiping down all along, lol. Well, this is a challenge for the guys too, you can send any of these styles to bae and tell her to make it when next she is visiting, winks. Thank you for reading

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Olamide Adekola is a writer, diplomat, fashion designer ,a serial volunteer and of course a Korean movie lover😄. Be strong,hang in there it will soon be over🤗

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