In the mood of celebrating our beloved mothers, Inside OAU media, sent out a Post for everyone to talk about how amazing their mothers are. 10 people shared a comment on how beautiful and amazing their mothers are.

N.B: The senders didn’t drop pictures for messages without pictures.

1. Aladejuyigbe Oluwatosin

Mum You’re the woman I ever want to emulate in my life… Thank you so much for ur impact nd sacrifices… You really pass through alot just for us have a better Life. I really do appreciate this so much nd I’ll forever be grateful to You Maami🤍🤍🤍… My mum is a good Woman nd she’s cheerful, she’s a deaconess, I want the whole world to know she’s Wise, she’s our run to person.

2. Adebayo Yetunde

My mom is really a nice woman. She’s super caring, jovial, hard-working and a core disciplinarian. She’s been through a lot and I just want to use this medium to celebrate her and had really sacrificed a lot for her children. She’s a super hero and is worth celebrating every single day of her life. Though,we do quarell once in awhile,lol…I still admire her strength and resilience to carry on through the adversities of life. She really do have a huge impact in my life with her strength, brains and courage. God bless you abundantly,mum.

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3. Oluwatofunmi

My mom has been my best friend. She’s one of the gifts I’m so lucky to have. The way she accommodates all and try always to make everyone comfortable. One of the things I admire about my mom is the way she rises stronger and forgives easily like she has never been offended. Persecution upon persecution, betrayal upon betrayal but she still stands and leaves everything to God. I remember when she was accused for killing someone who died of food poisoning all because she gave him meatpie a month ago although she was hurt, she still did let go. She supports my vision and become my friends mother. My mother has been my number one fan, my motivator, my inspiration and all. I Love You Mom ❤

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4. Seyi

My mum was everything,she is kind, patient loving and I really do love her. I lost my mum 4years ago when I was in part one. I can remember the pain the tears the sorrow. It was not funny at all. Even though I am in part four now I still remember her and burst in tears. My mum was my motivator and even if there is anything like afterlife I will still love her to be my mum.
I can remember when she excorted me to the car park in when I first got admission and was coming to ife,she had proud smile on her face as if I won a trophy.
I can remember how she changed my name from seyi to great ife, it was so funny cos anytime she call me she will surely call me great ife.
She calls me almost everyday and all of a sudden the calls stopped, nobody called me great ife again, the next thing was me facing her corpse. I was scared to look at her cos I felt that it will really come to a reality if I saw her corpse. I looked at her body but I still didn’t believe she was gone. I waited for her call, waiting for someone to call me great ife,but no one called even till today.
I didn’t hear her voice again it is so disheartening and heartbreaking.
But mum I want you to know that I will also love you and till we meet again you will also be my trophy.
Mum I promise you as the firstborn I will take care of my dad and siblings and I will not let you down

5. Oluwabunmi

Mamie…thanks for all u do…thanks for bringing me into this world n nuturing me to be a great lady…I love you now n forever 🥰

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6. Suliyat Moshood

I’m here writing about the most beautiful person in my life:. MY MUM
Mrs Risikat Moshood; Born and bred in Osun state,A native of Ikirun land.
Married to Mr Moshood Adejolu; my dad who had lots of wives and children.
My mum worked and served my dad for many years until his death
After that,she started her own business as a trader with lots of challenges and obstacles,she strive and still striving. She has 4 children, A male and 3 girls
My brother is now a businessman making 6 figures, My Older sister; Graduated from Law OAU who is now a barrister, I’m currently studying Economics in OAU, the last born just got admitted to Agricultural Economics OAU. Despite the fact that she was not opportuned to go to college during her time due to the death of her mother; she strives to give us the best things in the world: Our Education, Self willingness to speak for ourselves in any situation we find ourselves. Being a woman with a strong heart ❤️ she didn’t fail us a mother.
Around December last year,she had an accident that almost caused her life
She had bruises on her face, where she couldn’t see us for days
After series of Medication and care, she recovered
Her recovery teach me lots of things about her and life.
She taught me to seek God’s mercy in everything I do
She taught to be strong always;even if it’s not easy to do so
She taught me to help people around me who are in need ; that is called being alive and living in it. I’m here telling the world, you are my Greatest lecturer because you taught me what my lecturers cannot teach. You are the most beautiful woman I had ever known; no matter the bruises on your face. You are a Soldier without Uniform, because you fight battles all alone and won. While looking for your smile,I found happiness
Since we met,I feel capable
Since we met,I achieved everything I wanted
Because you are the heartbeat and I’m the heart
Everywhere I see; I see you
You are the prayers in my heart ❤️
You are peace, you are serenity. I love you and I will always do
I promise; my only source of inspiration

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7. Akadiri Oluwatimilehin Oluwarinumi

My mother Mrs Akadiri (Iya boys) is a wonderful woman who trained the boys to be responsible and self independent. sharing house chores for the boys makes us to have more values than others children.
The ways she shared house chores in the house has made and still making us to be better than some girls, is it in the area of cooking and household works.
She’s a wonderful woman, nice, prayerful and accommodating woman😘 in a nutshell she’s a good and caring mother.
Happy mother’s day iyamiiiiiiiiiiii 💕💕

8. Stephen Oluwaferanmi

Happy mother’s day mom💞💕. Always with me in every ups and down. I love you

9. Falodun Timilehin

Happy Mother’s Day Momma, thanks for everything mom, you definitely know I love you right? I LOVE YOU MOM

10. Omolabake Adebisi

My mum! How do I talk about this beautiful woman? A woman who sacrifices her all in all to see us happy. I’ve seen this woman stand by her husband, I’ve seen her stand by her friends, I’ve also seen her stand by us. She is someone you can always lean on. I hope you see this, I love you so much maa!

I can’t be the only one feeling emotional with all these messages. Our mothers are indeed our Superwomen. Our prayers are with those that have lost their mothers and we also pray those alive live long to reap the fruits of their labour.

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